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Chapter 788: Almost Spilled the Beans

The awards ceremony was held in the German Historical Museum.

Yun Xi had brought a dress designed by Ling Jing.

It was a little black dress, with three-quarter-length sleeves and cascading petals down to its hem.

It was very sophisticated, and it produced a grand effect when worn by Yun Xi.

She added a black wool coat before she went outside.

The temperature in Germany was slightly higher than it had been in Jingdu, but it was still freezing cold.

The people attending this awards ceremony were from all over the world.

Because of who he was, Mu Feichi had used his connections to receive an honorable invitation from the Awards-Organizing Committee.

Yun Xi walked through the crowd, not knowing most of the attendees.

She decided to just keep a low profile.

However, the unfamiliar faces of Mu Feichi and her, appearing at the ceremony, especially with Mu Feichis special status and treatment, drew much attention.

Most people focused on Mu Feichi, dismissing her as a child.

However, during her award presentation, her name and photo appeared on a big screen behind the stage, and many of the professors and experts who had spent their lives on research began to realize that the one receiving the award was this young girl.

She was the youngest recipient of an award this year.

Yun Xi only realized at the moment that she went on the stage to receive the award that her age and the award that she was receiving were what had made her now the focus of everyones attention.

In the midst of all the comments in various languages and flashing lights from the media, Yun Xi calmly accepted her award.

She gave a few words of thanks in perfect Mandarin, her national language.

Almost immediately, a female voice translated her speech into English, and it was broadcast throughout the hall.

Mu Feichi, who was sitting with the Organizing Committee, watched the calm little girl in silence.

Her calm, composed countenance warmed his heart and brought delight to his eyes.

He could not take his eyes off her.

In the face of numerous comments and doubtful eyes, her calmness made her look like a daisy blooming in the wind.

Regardless of what was happening around her, her mind was fixed on her goal.

At the end of the ceremony, helped by Mu Feichi, she left directly through the back door, refusing to be interviewed by the media.

Sitting in the car with Mu Feichi, Yun Xi finally had the time to take a good look at the heavy golden glass award with her name and award category inscribed on it.

“Why do you seem unhappy to receive this award”

“Since it wasnt something I was aiming for or even knew about, Im feeling neutral about it.

But my family will be happy.”

“I have already instructed Qi Yuan to forward the photos and videos of your award presentation to your school.

I will make separate arrangements for the president to present you with another award.”

Yun Xi was finished thinking about the award.

She turned and looked at the man sitting beside her and asked, “I noticed that your return ticket was for the 14th.

I guess you wont be able to make it to the inauguration ceremony.

What are your plans for the next few days”

“Im going to show you around,” Mu Feichi said as he raised his arm to look at the time.

“Well have lunch at the hotel and then take a car ride to Munich.

Im taking you to ski.”

“Skiing…” Yun Xi went blank, her thoughts taking her back to her previous life.

Her skiing skills had been taught to her by Han Yaotian.

Mu Feichi tilted his head and saw that she looked a little strange.

He asked, “Can you ski”

Yun Xi didnt want to discuss this subject and only said, “A little.

There are ski resorts in Jingdu, but of course they cant compare to the high ski slopes here.”

“There is no place to ski in Muyang though.

Are you sure you know how to ski”

Mu Feichis comment woke Yun Xi from her reminiscences.

She quickly lifted up her head, blinked, and suppressed all the emotions that lurked behind her eyes.

She had almost spilled the beans! She had better brush up on her acting skills in front of Mu Feichi a little bit better.

He was too smart.

“Not having a place to ski didnt mean I couldnt play in the snow.

Dont all little kids like to have fun throwing snowballs and pretending to ski Although I am not a good skier, I know the basics.

It wont be difficult for me to pick it up.

I may not be very skillful, but youre here, arent you You can teach me.”

Mu Feichi made no further comment.

He rubbed her head like she was a puppy and said, “Okay, Ill teach you.”

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