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Chapter 79: Token of Love

“Secret love affair” Mu Feichi raised an eyebrow, and his handsome face took on the slightest hint of intrigue.

It seemed that the words were quite new to him or that the implications of the words changed when she said them.

“Well, I like those words.

I havent used them before, but I could use them a few more times in the future.

After all, its not easy for me to come all the way here and climb through the window to conduct a secret love affair with you.”

Yun Xi raised her hand and threw the lavender herbal bag shed just sewed toward him.

This room had a stale scent, and, coupled with the unfamiliar environment, she hadnt slept well for the past few days.

While she was out, shed seized the chance to buy some lavender seeds to place in the corner of the bed, so she could sleep well.

Mu Feichi raised his hand and easily caught it.

It looked like a medicine bag and smelled the same as this room.

“Token of love Well, Im amused.”

He shook the lavender bag in his hand and promptly put it in his trousers pocket.

Yun Xi was at a loss for words so she rolled her eyes, ignoring his teasing.

She stood up and walked toward him, then looked down at him condescendingly.

“Young Marshal Mu, may I ask your purpose in coming here through the window today”

Mu Feichi stood up and stared at her with a half-smile.

“I had nothing to do so I came to see you.

I didnt expect that instead of seeing the person I wanted to see, I got to enjoy a good show.”

Recalling the incident that happened downstairs, Yun Xi snorted softly in disapproval.

She knew that her little gimmicks wouldnt have escaped his eye, so she didnt bother pretending in front of him.

To deal with her parents and sisters, she had to use underhanded tactics.

The simpler it was, the more effective it was.

Seeing her gloating over her triumphant victory, Mu Feichi was amused and stretched out his hand to squeeze her cheeks.

“My little Yun Xi seems quite good at playing dumb to take advantage of them.”

It was precisely because of this that he wasnt worried that she would be bullied.

If someone dared to bully her, she could handle them single-handedly without his help.

Moreover, she would leave them in ruins.

Compared to the shady and dirty means the rich and powerful used, her tactics were much more brilliant.

The tender sensation in his palm gave him the urge to ravage her.

Him messing with her made Yun Xi frown.

After she had been disfigured in her last life, she had always felt scarred inside and disliked anyone touching her face.

“Stop pinching my face!”

Subconsciously, she reached out and pinched his neck as a protest.

The two of them started going back and forth, messing around.

Mu Feichi took the opportunity to reach out and pinch her waist and then held on to her as he dropped onto the sofa behind him.

Without warning, the two of them fell directly onto the sofa.

By the time Yun Xi could react, her whole body was in Mu Feichis embrace.

She couldnt use her strength to resist, so she went all out and gnawed at his mouth!

Thats right, she gnawed!

Their collision on the couch hurt her nose.

First he steals her first kiss, which is something that couldnt be repaid, and now this situation

For a moment, she really wanted to strangle him.

As she thought about this, she finally managed to stand up, but he saw through her intentions and tripped her with his legs, so she collapsed right back into his arms before she could even stand up straight.

“Little fellow, your enthusiasm for giving me a hug is really flattering.”

“Jerk! Let me go!”

She was really annoyed with him, but the more anxious she got the more she couldnt break free of him!

Mu Feichi stared at her exasperated countenance with a smirk on his face.

Her cheeks flushed with color from rage, but appeared quite aesthetically pleasing to his eyes.

With her face in both of his hands, Yun Xi stared at the man in front of her with dark eyes, which gleamed with playfulness like that of teasing a pet.

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