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Chapter 790: Underlying Danger

With two extra days of vacation remaining, Mu Feichi insisted on going to the Bavarian Alps to ski.

Yun Xi had originally thought that Jiang Qilin would not be up to the trip, but he had unexpectedly agreed to go with them.

Mu Feichi agreed to allow Jiang Qilin and Jing Yi to come along with them, acting like a big man as he dragged these unfortunate people with him.

He looked as proud of himself for being so selfless as any man could be.

It was still early when they reached the small town at the foot of Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany.

Jing Yi and Qi Yuan checked into the hotels for their bosses.

Of course Jiang Qilin couldnt ski, so he had to stay in a hotel at the foot of the mountain.

Mu Feichi immediately dragged Yun Xi onto the cable car to go up the mountain.

Before going up the mountain after Mu Feichi, Qi Yuan said to Jing Yi, “It is not safe around here.

Some people have tailed us here.

Keep your eyes open and take care of yourselves.”

“Theyre going to ski even though its not safe” Jing Yi looked toward Yun Xi and Mu Feichi who were heading out with a look of surprise.

Any people who had decided to tail them overseas must not be your normal criminals.

“If they dont show themselves, it will be difficult for us to get rid of all of them at one go, so the Young Marshal intends to trick them into showing themselves.”

Jing Yi was stumped.

“With that lass as bait”

Although Jing Yi knew that that lass was not so simple either, they were still abroad in a strange country and Mu Feichi had only brought a few people with him.

If a fight really broke out, the risks would be enormous.

Qi Yuan snorted as he started walking away.

“Even if Mu Feichi decides to make himself a target, he would never let that lass be bait.”

Holding the ski map given to guests by the hotel, Mu Feichi stood at the hotels entrance and told the driver where he wanted to go in perfect English.

Yun Xi was completely in the dark about skiing in the German Alps so she just stood quietly at one side, checking her backpack while observing him communicating with the driver.

The things in her bag had been brought over by Jing Yi.

A lot of connections must have been used for these special tools to have passed airport security.

Even though she knew that there would always be bodyguards following Mu Feichi, she still believed that during moments of crisis, it was more realistic and safer to be able to save oneself instead of waiting for someone else to arrive.

Beneath the golden sunlight that reflected off the snow, the man stood next to the car as he spoke to the driver.

A faint halo of light framed his elegant profile.

He looked so handsome that it was difficult to look away.

The temperature was low at the foot of the mountain.

He had changed into a dark gray windbreaker and trousers as well as a pair of white sneakers.

The way he wore such casual, comfortable clothes was a testament to the grace and refinement of a young master from a family of long lineage.

The car stopped at a train station halfway up the mountain.

From there, they took a steam-engine train that would take them from the Garmisch ski resort, through a tunnel in the mountain, to the very top of the mountain that was 9,718 feet above sea level.

While she was appreciating the scenery, she discovered to her surprise that there were many Asian people on the tiny train.

She looked at Qi Yuan, who was sitting across from her, then toward the man sitting beside her.

“There seem to be so many Asians on this train.

Are all of them your bodyguards or from your special forces”

Mu Feichi smiled softly, and his handsome face remained unreadable.

“Babe, have you seen any females in my special forces other than Li Zilan These are all couples.

Today is Valentines Day, so its not strange to see so many tourists.”

Yun Xi turned around to take another look.

Indeed, most of the people sitting around them were couples.

Since today was Valentines Day, it indeed wasnt that strange for them to all be traveling.

Along the way, Mu Feichi pointed out the ski routes in the area and the competitive track where the Winter Olympics had been held.

Yun Xi listened quietly while looking at the map of the mountain.

As much as possible, she wanted to be familiar with the paths up and down the mountain.

Once they got off the train, the scenery at the top of the mountain was magnificent.

The endless mountain ranges around them were so tall that they reached into the sky.

The top of the mountain they were on reached high into the clouds, and the clear blue sky and the snowy mountain reflected off and complemented each other.

The scenery looked as beautiful as if it had come out of an oil painting.

The top of the mountain was close to the heavens, but it also had an air of underlying danger.

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