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Chapter 791: Miss Yun Must Be Directed Away

Since they had made it all the way to the top of the mountain, it was only natural for them to want to challenge the ski runs.

Ever since shed gotten off the train, Yun Xi had been feeling a little bizarre.

She couldnt tell if it was because of the high altitude or if it was her subconscious mind warning her of danger.

Regardless, from the moment she had started up the mountain, she had felt as if someone was watching her back.

That feeling of being under surveillance was very strong.

She couldnt help remembering the many Asian couples on the train.

No matter whether they had been normal civilians enjoying Valentines Day, it made her nervous.

It was not yet the era of widespread overseas traveling with big tour groups.

If this had been in her previous life, she might not have been surprised to see large numbers of people from her country everywhere she went.

After all, the economy had grown and traveling overseas had become the new normal.

But the tourism industry in this era was not yet as advanced as the one from her previous life.

She didnt believe that seeing all these travelers in one place was a simple coincidence.

Even if they had been celebrating Valentines Day, they should be in their hotel restaurants at the foot of the mountain, not making their way up the mountain to the summit.

Once this thought had entered her mind, she no longer dared to lower her guard and was mentally prepared to retreat at any moment.

Standing in front of the board showing all the various runs down the mountain, she closely observed them and then turned to look at the man beside her.

“Young Marshal, Im so bad at skiing.

If I fall on my face, you cannot laugh at me.”

“Since Ive told you that I will teach you, naturally I will not laugh at you.” Mu Feichi was in a good mood and dragged her into the ski equipment rental shop.

He chose equipment and a winter jacket that were suitable for her, and, while she went to change, Mu Feichi turned and glanced toward Qi Yuan who had just walked in.

“Young Marshal, quite a number of people have come this time.

The group that followed us up here alone had 18 people.

Our men are watching them, but we are not sure of how many more are hiding in the mountains.

A few of our men are positioned in various places on every ski run.

The fourth one is a popular track.

They might have placed more people there.

Miss Yun must be directed away from that one.\'”

Mu Feichi nodded.

“I know.

You guys wait for her on the third track.

Ill send her on that one.

If she asks any questions, none of you are to reveal anything.”

“Yes, sir!”

By the time Yun Xi had finished changing and come out, Mu Feichi was also ready to go.

He was wearing a normal off-white parka and sunglasses.

Yun Xi took off her sunglasses to check him out.

She nodded appreciatively.

“You are indeed like a walking pheromone.

You make a dashing picture no matter where you go.

Look around you, there are quite a lot of people staring at you.”

“Is that so” Mu Feichi raised his brows and laughed softly, then pulled her out of the shop.

“You are just beginning to learn how to ski and it is quite high up here.

Lets pick the third track, which is easiest.”

“Sure.” Yun Xi turned to take a look at the ski map, “But the third track is a little far from the station.

I will still need to take the cable car back before going down.

Its so troublesome.

Lets change tracks.”

His eyes behind the sunglasses grew serious, but Mu Feichis face remained unreadable.

He smiled resignedly and patted her head, which was covered by a ski hat.

“Babe, the other tracks are steep and dangerous.

With your skills, what if you get hurt going down those routes”

“I cant blame anyone else for my lack of skill, so I can only suck it up.”

Yun Xi shrugged.

“Lets go to the fourth track.

It is smoother and the snow is thicker so it wont hurt so much even if I fall.”

Mu Feichi frowned and turned to look at the skip map.

He hesitated as he considered how to direct her from the dangerous fourth track to the third one.

“Do you have so little faith in my skills Do you think I will let you fall”

“Its not that I dont trust you, but Im about to start school.

I cant attend with a broken arm or leg, can I”

“Im here with you.

I wont let you get hurt.” His attitude was very firm.

She noticed that he seemed to have a reason to be against going to the fourth track.

She stood up on her toes to touch his handsome face that was cold from the wind.

She was not stubborn.

“All right! Youre the boss.

Well go to the third track!”

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