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Chapter 792: A Mans Duty and Responsibility

All of a sudden, an extremely loud alarm went off before theyd even reached the beginning of the third track.

Mu Feichi stopped instantly.

Yun Xi looked around, trying to find the source of the alarm.

Upon realizing that it was coming from the cable car station, she instinctively grabbed onto the man standing beside her.

“Whats going on Its not an avalanche, is it”

“Babe, stop being ridiculous.

Were at the top of the mountain.

An avalanche wouldnt affect us.”

“Young Marshal, that doesnt sound like something you would normally say.

Are you hiding something from me”

Yun Xi turned her head and looked at him.

With her sunglasses perched on the top of her head, she looked at his serious face with a scorching gaze.

Mu Feichi was about to lift his hand and touch her cheeks and try to change the topic, but Yun Xi immediately grabbed his wrist.

She had no patience for his secretive behavior.

“Young Commander, dont tell me that you dont know these people who have been watching us.”

“Of course I dont know them.” Mu Feichi wasnt sure whether to laugh or cry as he looked at her.

Qi Yuan hurriedly ran over from the other side of the mountain.

Panting, he looked toward Mu Feichi and then toward Yun Xi.

It took a while for him to stop panting, before he could finally speak.

“Commander, there has been an incident at the cable car station, but it should be fixed by the time we want to go down.”

Since there had been an incident at the cable car station, even if they were to ski down the third track, they wouldnt be able to take the car back up nor would they be able to take the train down the mountain.

And, to attempt to drive back to the hotel from the end of the track, they would need to go around the whole mountain.

It was too far and too dangerous.

Mu Feichi frowned as he considered implementing his backup plan.

At that moment, Yun Xi seemed to have thought of something.

She looked at the man beside her with a serious look as she asked, “Young Commander, when we came overseas, did we bring a few tails with us”

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes and sighed.

“Babe, Ill take care of this.

They are probably here for me.”

Just as shed thought, her instincts had been right once again.

But when she heard what he said, she felt a little disappointed and kicked him in frustration.

“So even at a time like this, I still dont have the qualifications to fight side by side with you”

His attitude had made her realize a fundamental truth, and it made her feel lost and dispirited.

He half smiled as he pinched her chin.

Even through the leather gloves, he could feel her resistance and displeasure.

However, as a man, he needed to take on a mans duty and responsibility.

Unless there were no other options, he wasnt going to let her take any risks.

“Perhaps I will let you when you come out of training camp.”

Yun Xi lifted her hands to take off the sunglasses perched on his nose.

She couldnt see his eyes through the tinted lenses, and it made her uneasy that she couldnt tell what he was thinking.

“So you wanted me to go down on the ski track while you went to handle those tails by yourself”

Clearly, this was what he had intended when he had stopped her from going down the fourth track earlier.

“I wont be alone.

The people Ive brought with me are enough to take care of these fools.

Do you still remember Jin Lei”

Yun Xi nodded.

Previously, when shed been in trouble at the nature reserve, it had been Jin Lei who had led Great White to save her and Yumo.

Later, she had heard from Li Zilan that Jin Lei was the best soldier in Mu Feichis special forces.

He was a shadow, a sharp blade hidden in the dark.

Even Li Zilan wasnt sure just how strong he was, let alone any other people.

Outside of exceptional circumstances, Mu Feichi would not use people from that team.

“Hes here as well”

“Yes, I asked the entire team to come.

You know their abilities.

You dont need to worry for me.

Ill be back safely.”

Yun Xi could see his determination and actually agreed easily.

Mu Feichi couldnt believe how mature and intelligent she was acting.

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