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Chapter 794: Breaking Point

Sh*t! Hed lost Yun Xi.

Qi Yuan became super-anxious.

He remembered what shed said just now, and he knew she wasnt going to head down the mountain obediently.

He stopped, sticking his ski poles into the snow.

Then he took out his mobile phone to call Mu Feichi.

But his calls werent going through because the signals were terrible in the mountains.

He knew that this crazy girl had definitely gone to the fourth ski run to help protect Mu Feichi.

If anything happened to her, the young marshal would kill him with his bare hands.

A wave of anxiety washed over him.

He couldnt think about it any longer.

He needed to do something, so he quickly skied over to the fourth ski run.

Yun Xi had just arrived at the fourth ski run.

As soon as she got there, she saw several snowmobiles speeding down from above, zooming toward her at great speed.

All the men in the snowmobiles were wearing masks.

Although the snowmobiles were zooming fast, she could still make out the shape of a large gun under the jackets of each man.

Four of the snowmobiles were moving at a great speed, and there was another one following behind them that was traveling at a slower speed.

Seeing that, she instinctively propelled herself forward using her ski poles, and she flew out from the side entrance shed taken from the third run onto this ski slope.

The person who was driving the vehicle that was following behind the first four was going fast enough and of course he was traveling down a slope.

So, when he saw a figure suddenly dashing out in front of him, he couldnt dodge it and ran right into it.

Yun Yis reactions were super-quick, so before she could be knocked down by the snowmobile, she made a dive to the side.

She didnt dare to hesitate as the snowmobile was coming right at her.

And, even though she was fast, the vehicle still rammed into her skis, causing her to fall.

The man on the snowmobile didnt react fast enough, and he crashed into the snow, together with his vehicle.

Yun Xi removed her skis as quickly as possible.

Before the man in the snow could do anything, she had already pounced on him, swiftly grabbing the gun from his waistband.

She held the gun in her hand and, with her finger on the trigger, she put the gun to his forehead.

“Who are you” she asked in English.

As the man recovered from his confusion, there was already a gun pointing at his forehead.

He raised his hands in surrender and didnt dare to move.

“Speak!” Yun Xi pressed the gun harder into his forehead.

The man shook his head and just said repeatedly that he didnt know anything.

The other four snowmobiles had already disappeared from view.

Yun Xi was getting worried about Mu Feichis safety and had long lost her patience with these people.

Before the man had any time to react, she raised the gun and smashed him in the head.

The man was knocked out immediately from the impact.

With great effort, Yun Xi kicked her damaged skis aside and dragged the snowmobile out of the snowbank.

Then she removed the jacket and helmet from the man, hid her hair, and changed into the mans outfit.

She didnt have any idea of how to drive a snowmobile.

However, she had watched people learning while talking to Mu Feichi at the entrance to the ski resort.

So she had some idea of how to operate the vehicle and managed to start it successfully.

She didnt know where she had gotten her courage.

She just hopped on the snowmobile, probably thinking that a dead man feels no cold and that its hard to break a leg falling in the snow.

She clenched her hands around the handles and drove the vehicle onto the ski slope.

She didnt dare to be careless, as she was on a snowmobile after all, and it wasnt as light and easy as skiing.

In addition, this fourth ski run was steep, so she was definitely risking her life.

Trying her best to control the vehicle, she soon spotted the four snowmobiles that she was trying to catch up with ahead of her.

She accelerated a little more.

She didnt see Mu Feichi.

However, since that group of men hadnt made their moves yet, there was no reason for her to start panicking.

While she paid attention to the direction she was going in and her speed, she looked for the snipers who should be hiding around the slope.

She felt her tension reaching its limits, and her nerves were already at their breaking point.

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