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Chapter 795: Breaking Her Back

After hed arrived on the fourth run, Qi Yuan began to look for Yun Xi.

As he combed the slope, he soon came upon a pair of skis abandoned in the snow.

He took a closer look at the designs on the skis and confirmed that they were the skis Yun Xi had been using.

Before he could be relieved, he saw some drag marks in the snow and a shadow behind a pine tree.

He quickly went over to check and saw that it was an unconscious man.

His clothes, sunglasses, and mask had been taken, and Yun Xis winter jacket had been left behind.

When he realized what was going on, he quickly hit the button on his two-way radio and contacted all the personnel who were lying in ambush.

He gave an order in a deep voice, “Theres someone from our side on one of the snowmobiles.

Dont do anything for now.

All snipers to wait on standby.”

Mu Feichi wasnt wearing an earpiece, so Jin Lei found him and reported the situation.

Mu Feichi immediately knew what was going on after hearing the report, and his face darkened instantly.

He took the earpiece from Jin Lei and yelled at Qi Yuan, “What happened Didnt I tell you to take her down the mountain”

“Sir, Ms.

Yun is an expert skier, and her skiing skills are much better than mine, so I accidentally lost her on the way down.

While I was tracking her down, I realized that she had knocked out a snowmobile rider and followed the rest in disguise.

She did not change her shoes, so you should be able to identify her easily.”

“All of you are to stand by for orders.

For now, go clean up all the loose ends on the other runs.

Leave the snowmobiles to me.”

Mu Feichi took his personal earpiece from Jin Lei and took over the command.

“Sir, we cannot move forward anymore, as there is a steep slope ahead.

Also, their men have all gathered at the foot of the mountain and will rush over after we sweep the other ski slopes.

They have too many people, and we wont be able to fight against them.

If we just rush in like that, we might get shot and be turned into Swiss cheese.”

“Okay, lets just wait for her to get here.” He wanted to make sure that she was all right before making any other decisions.

Soon the sound from the engines of the snowmobiles echoed throughout the quiet ski slopes.

Mu Feichi nodded at Jin Lei, and everyone who had been standing around them all disappeared quickly into the snow.

Jin Lei handed over a sniper rifle to Mu Feichi, and he lay down to hide in the snow.

Then he set up the sniper rifle and locked the aim on his incoming targets.

He looked through the gun scope and caught sight of Yun Xi, among the five snowmobiles approaching.

Even though she was wearing a mask, he could still tell that it was her right away.

This little troublemaker! Although she had done this because she was worried about him, it still had made him worried too.

He pulled the trigger four times.

Four bullets were fired from the silenced sniper rifle, and they accurately hit the moving snowmobiles.

Suddenly, Yun Xi saw the men in front of her collapsing and snowmobiles crashing into the snow after being uncontrolled.

She reacted quickly and squeezed the brakes to stop the vehicle she was riding on.

Mu Feichi got up from the ground and walked toward her with quick steps.

He then threw the sniper rifle wrapped in a white bandage to Jin Lei, who had remained hidden behind a tree.

Yun Xi sat on the snowmobile in a daze and looked at the man walking toward her.

He was storming over angrily, with a cold murderous look on his face.

Jin Lei brought some men over, and they cleared the four dead bodies and snowmobiles away swiftly.

Yun Xi slightly relaxed when she realized that the man who was approaching her was Mu Feichi.

But, before she knew it, she was picked up and carried off the vehicle.

She felt him gripping her tightly around her waist.

The pressure he exerted was so intense that it felt like he was almost breaking her back.

She felt the world spin, as she was lifted and carried over his shoulders.

As she was held with her head pointing downwards, all her blood rushed to her brain.

“Mu Feichi, put me down now!” With a lack of oxygen due to the high altitude and his movements, she was getting extremely dizzy.

They arrived at a log house nearby.

Mu Feichi kicked the door open and threw the person he was carrying over his shoulders onto a small narrow table.

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