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Chapter 798: I Didnt Want You to Take a Bullet for Me Either!

Qi Yuan quickly realized what was going on.

He immediately got down onto the ground and used a dead body to shield himself.

He knew very well that there must be more snipers hiding in the area.

Yun Xi realized this too and quickly ran toward the trees.

As she ran, numerous bullets landed in the snow on both sides of where she was stepping.

Mu Feichi listened to the sound of the gunshots and the bullets that landed in the snow and quickly determined where the snipers were hiding.

He swiftly got rid of all the snipers in one fell swoop.

Soon the sound of gunshots subsided.

Mu Feichi nodded toward Jin Lei, pushed off with his ski poles, and quickly slid down toward Yun Xi and Qi Yuan.

Frightened, Yun Xi stared at the many bullet holes littering the snow.

She almost couldnt imagine that had she been even a half a second slower, the bullets could have hit her.

The goddess of luck was still watching over her after all!

With a swoosh, a figure stopped in front of her.

She looked up at Mu Feichi ,who had braked just in time, and breathed a small sigh of relief.

Then she clumsily got up from the snow-covered ground.

“Young Marshal…” Seeing him, Yun Xi felt as if she had just managed to escape from an enormous disaster.

In a situation like that, she had originally thought that they were going to use her and Qi Yuan to threaten and bargain with Mu Feichi.

Who would ever have thought that Mu Feichi would never give them a chance like that.

He never played according to the rules and had as much courage as the gods in the heavens.

They had retaliated quickly, so quickly that she and Qi Yuan did not have time to prepare themselves mentally.

The moment that half of the enemies had turned around with their backs facing their opponents, the moment that their vigilance went down just a little, Mu Feichi had acted immediately.

There was no hint of hesitation, not even the worry that those people could fire at them the moment they started firing back.

That was because he trusted her and Qi Yuans ability to adapt and also because he trusted his own skills.

Mu Feichi had sufficient confidence in his skills, and he was sure that he would not misfire and was even absolutely certain that his bullets were faster and would hit his opponents first.

Such a well-coordinated play made her feel…the thrill of fighting with him side-by-side.

Yes! They had fought side-by-side!

He had chosen to fight side-by-side with her because he had absolute faith in himself, and he also had absolute faith in her.

He believed that she would be able to dodge the bullets, so he fired without any worries.

Her own absolute belief in herself and his abilities also allowed her to avoid death this time.

“Are you all right” Mu Feichi patted away the snowflakes stuck all over her and checked for injuries thoroughly before breathing a sigh of relief.

“Im fine…be careful!” Out of nowhere, a shot was fired.

Yun Xis eyes grew wide as she was directly facing the bullet that was coming.

Almost instinctively, she started pushing away Mu Feichi who was shielding her from in front.

But at the moment that she shouted “be careful”, Mu Feichi reacted even faster than she did.

She tried to push him away, but he shifted to stand in front of her even more as a shield.

He held her in his arms as he rolled them onto the ground.

Her chest felt constricted as Mu Feichi lay on top of her, and her head felt dizzy.

Along with the gunshot sound, she also heard Mu Feichi grunt and Qi Yuans sounds of panic.

Another shot sounded out as the sniper who had been hiding in the snow was quickly taken down by Jin Lei.

Qi Yuan helped Mu Feichi up and said with concern, “Young Marshal, youre injured!”

Yun Xis mind went blank.

She got up hurriedly and saw Mu Feichi holding his waist, crimson red blood flowing out through his fingers.

“You b*stard! Who asked you to take a bullet for me”

The moment Yun Xi saw that he had been shot, she felt lost.

Her fists were tightly balled together as she hit his chest weakly.

Their opponents had obviously been targeting her.

She could have made him dodge this bullet, but he had to take the shot for her.

Mu Feichi frowned as he raised his head.

His heart ached as he watched his precious person feeling helpless, but his heart also couldnt help but feel warmed.

“Little rascal, I didnt want you to take a bullet for me either!”

When the shot was fired and she was pushing him away, she was already moving forward and clearly intended to take the shot for him.

She had said before that should such a day really come, she would also take a bullet for him.

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