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Chapter 799: Happy Valentines Day

The most precious person in his world had really put her words into actions without a care for the consequences.

He felt happy, but at the same time his heart ached.

Hearing his soft, indulgent words, Yun Xis heart swelled up and hot tears rolled down her cheeks, blurring the handsome face in front of her.

Mu Feichi lifted a hand to pat her head.

He felt helpless.

No matter how painful his gunshot was, it was not as painful as the pain he felt when he thought that she had been willing to die for him.

He had never thought that when that day came, she would really take a bullet for him unhesitatingly.

The fact that she would do so without any hesitation was proof that he had a place in her heart.

This play of a romance game was finally not just his solo act anymore.

After holding it in for so long, something had finally broken.

His gentle act had completely collapsed the last barrier surrounding her heart.

Her vision was blurry.

She stubbornly wiped her tears away, then speedily took off her jacket, took the backpack off her shoulders, and anxiously poured out everything that was inside.

She had brought emergency supplies, but shed never thought that they would be used on him.

“Qi Yuan, prop him up, Ill stop his bleeding first.”

When Qi Yuan saw that she had a complete set of supplies, he didnt think any further and immediately sat down to prop Mu Feichi up against his side.

Yun Xi carefully lifted his shirt.

When she saw the bloody hole that the bullet had left behind, her heart tightened immediately.

It wasnt that she hadnt seen a wound like this before, nor that she had never faced blood or gore, but when the injured party was someone she cared about, all rationalism flew out the window.

A broad hand came into her view.

Mu Feichi had lifted his hand to wipe away the tears from her cheek.

He could still bear pain of this degree.

But watching her cry for him, he suddenly felt as if the pain from the bullet was like a fuse that had exploded all of a sudden and left his entire body hurting.

“Babe, if you continue crying, you may end up using the wrong medication on me.

Youre worrying me.

If something happened to me, what will you do if youre all alone by yourself”

Yun Xi raised her head and glared at him fiercely, “Shut up! There is no what-ifs with me!”

At a time like this, she couldnt take any other ominous words.

She forcefully wiped her eyes, took a deep breath, and bent her head down and went silent, as her hands started working deftly.

Focused and meticulous, only their breathing sounds and a few gunshots from far away could be heard around them.

She was completely unaware of anything else and was concentrated solely on stopping the bleeding and bandaging his wound.

The bullet was still wedged in his flesh.

However, there was no way of operating on his wound here.

She could only temporarily stop the bleeding first, then take him to the hospital to extract the bullet.

Mu Feichi watched her serious and stubborn face through his lowered lashes and warmth enveloped his heart.

His bloody hands grabbed a fistful of snow from the ground and he clenched it into the shape of a ball.

Crimson red blood dyed the snowball in his hands red.

While she focused on stopping his bleeding, he used her scalpel to carve the snowball in his hands.

Not long later, the shape of a rose emerged from the snowball that was dyed with blood.

The rose that was made from snow and dyed with blood was an indescribable sort of devilish pink.

It was infused with the mans blood and all his love.

When she was finished bandaging the wound, Yun Xi raised her head and saw a ball of snow shaped like a rose being offered to her.

It was dyed with the mans blood and had a faint red color.

“Babe, Happy Valentines Day.” This was his return gift for her chocolates.

He had wanted to share a candlelit dinner at the top of the mountain, but it looked like that idea had to be delayed for now.

“…” Yun Xi watched the pink rose on his palm and her throat closed up.

She had never thought that the first Valentines gift she received in this lifetime would be so impressive.

He was injured like this, and yet he was still thinking about her Valentines gift.

This man really was the most important part of her life.

She suddenly had a feeling that from the moment shed met Mu Feichi, her entire life was destined to be ruled by him.

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