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Chapter 8: We Are Not Bandits

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Feng Rui instantly panicked.

“What should we do The doctor took the day off, so there is only one veterinarian in the entire forest!”

Qi Yuan directly replied, “Ask the veterinarian to come over here!”

“Youve gone crazy! If the boss finds out you asked a veterinarian to treat him, he will definitely kill you!”

“Our bosss life is more important than my life! Go!”

“Well… you guys dont have to panic.

I can treat Master Mu.”

Yun Xi hid away from the staring snow leopard as she interrupted the two men arguing with a rigid expression.

Feng Rui and Qi Yuan glanced at her.

“You What kind of joke is that”

It was true that she was female, but she wasnt mature at all.

Their boss would still never forgive them if he tainted an adolescent girl!

They were men!

Not gangsters or bandits!

How could they put their hands on a young girl

“Im saying that I know a bit of medical theory, so I can treat him as long as you have the medication I need here.

However, I have some terms.”

Once Yun Xi realized that they had misunderstood her, she blushed and swallowed hard as she explained.

The two men took a glance at her and obviously didnt quite believe a young girl like her would know any kind of medical theory.

But the doctor wasnt here right then, and the forest area was too far away from the city.

Feng Rui and Qi Yuan didnt have the guts to allow a young girl to treat Master Mus ailment!

If something were to happen, Uncle Mu would certainly issue military punishments.

But if their boss was unable to carry on the future progeny of the Mu family, then Uncle Mu would also certainly have them be buried alongside Master Mu!

Qi Yuan considered it repeatedly and turned around to assess the young girl who even dared to fight for her life against a wolf pack.

Her eyes were bright, lucid, and untainted by the world.

She didnt even have Han Wanlings ulterior motives.

She wasnt very old at all but didnt lack confidence.

Her youthful and clean face resembled an exquisite doll.

When he recalled her vicious and rapid moves when she had dealt with the wolf pack, he didnt dare to underestimate this young girl.

“What are your terms” After deliberating it for the last time, Qi Yuan finally asked the question.

Yun Xi stretched her hand that was wrapped up like a mummy and made a victory sign.

She asked with a smile, “Can I ask for two terms”

She was asking so carefully and even revealed two little incisors when she smiled.

This somehow made Qi Yuan think she was slightly cute.

“Tell me.”

“Send me back home after dawn.

Can you take me back to Muyang nearby I want to go home.”


Whats the other term” They had originally intended to send her back, anyway.

“I havent eaten the entire day, and Im very hungry… also, get rid of the snow leopard.

Im afraid that itll use me to fill its belly before I can even fill my own belly!”

Qi Yuan began to laugh at this term.


Yun Xi followed Qi Yuan to the nearby drugstore and dug out a few bottles of Western medication and clean syringes.

In this era, some of the Western drug names differed from what was used in her own era.

However, the drug effects were still the same, and some were even more potent.

Feng Rui was still worried, so he especially called Master Mus exclusive doctor.

After reporting the drug names and confirming that they were all correct, he finally agreed for Yun Xi to inject the drugs.

The veterinarian in the drugstore also rushed over after having received the news.

He was a bit shocked to see the young girl standing by the bed.

She held the needle and administered the injection with standard and experienced movement and posture.

Her youthful face was absolutely unperturbed, and her calm demeanor didnt appear goofy.

She was serious and solemn.

If he hadnt personally witnessed this exquisite young girl, then he truly couldnt have connected her with the girl who had hurt several wolves in the surveillance video!

Yun Xi looked down as she diligently injected the drug into the artery on Mu Feichis arm.

She finally stood up after everything was done and turned around to look at Qi Yuan standing on the side.

“He should wake up in two hours.

Have your Master Mu drink some water later and let him rest properly… oh!”

Yun Xis expression instantly changed as soon as she noticed the snow leopard standing beside the veterinarian.

It crouched before climbing onto the bed.

“You, you… didnt I ask you to get this thing outside”

She grabbed Yi Quan so he could block in front of her as she curled up her body and backed up on the bed.

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