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Chapter 80: My Little Temple Cant Afford an Exalted Buddha Like You

Yun Xi looked dumbfounded.

She felt as if she was being teased like a little pet.

“Young Marshal Mu, you climbed through the window today just to tease me”

He was quite beguiling.

Who knew how many women had fallen for him

She wasnt an ignorant little girl.

After being betrayed by Han Yaotian, she was wary of men.

She was no longer innocent and naive.

There were hints of mirth in Mu Feichis eyes.

His fingers encircled her head and tangled with her messy hair.

At this close distance, holding her in front of him, he started kissing her as if he just couldnt get enough.

He smiled at her and said dotingly, “I just came because I wanted to see you.”

Feeling as if she had been taken advantage of, Yun Xi blushed profusely and issued a warning to him.

She reached out her hand and gave Mu Feichis face two hard slaps.

“Young Marshal Mu, young children like me are not your target companions.

If you mess with me again, youll have to be careful of your familys second son.”

She deliberately glanced at his lower body.

However, the stern look on her babyish face was so funny that no one could really take her seriously.

Mu Feichi chuckled.

His eyes were as unfathomable as a bottomless lake, covered with rippling tides.

“Little rascal, if you want to target someone in my family, youll have to wait two more years.

Im not interested in immature little girls.”

He rubbed her head one last time and then slowly let go.

As soon as she was freed, Yun Xi stood up and moved away from him.

Although she was no match against him in terms of playing dirty and flirting, at least she could evade him.

She turned around and started organizing her clothes.

She took them out of her closet and put them in her backpack to prepare for the trip to Jiangnan the next day.

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes when he saw her packing up.

“Why, arent you going to start school tomorrow Where are you going”

“I have something to take care of.

Im going to Jiangnan.”

After shed finished packing, she turned around to glance at the man standing close to her, then frowned slightly.

“Young Marshal Mu, just tell me what you want.

If there isnt anything further, please go away.

The window is there, so please feel free to use it.”

“What are you going to do in Jiangnan How can there be anything more important than the start of school”

“Im going there to buy medicine for the eldest son of the Chen family.”

“Youre so kind to that smiling backstabber.”

When he said this, he couldnt discern what was wrong with it.

He just felt displeased.

His little Yun Xi was even kinder to Chen Yichen than she was to him.

She didnt seem to be using the ruse of self-injury to win the targets sympathy.

Yun Xi turned her head, glanced at him coolly, then waved her hand dismissively.

“Young Marshal Mu, my little temple cant afford an exalted Buddha like you.

Get out!”

“I will get out.

We can go somewhere else.”

Seeing her being so impatient with him and comparing it to how she treated Chen Yichen, Young Marshal Mu became inexplicably moody.

He picked her up by the waist and threw her onto the big bed.

“You…” Since she wasnt sure how effective his soundproofing was, Yun Xi dared not scream for fear of attracting the group of people downstairs.

But being thrown onto the bed and firmly held down by him wasnt a pleasant situation either.

She kicked at him, but he, who was a lot faster than she was, held her down like she was a restless calf.

As he looked at her, Yun Xi pulled out the bundle of scalpels he had given her from under her pillow.

She pulled one out and held it against his neck without hesitation.

“Young Marshal Mu, with so many different types of scalpels, which one do you think I should start with Or, we could try them out one by one.

When I lived in the countryside, I dissected small animals.

As for humans, I havent tried it yet.

If youd like me to give it a try, Id be quite happy to oblige.”

“Little rascal, I didnt give you these things for you to use them against me.”

He raised his hand and pushed the scalpel that was resting against his neck away, not because he was afraid that she would hurt him, but because she might accidentally hurt herself.

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