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Chapter 806: Mu Feichis Woman

“Li Zilan is the best sniper we have.

Her skills are among the best in Jun Country.

Unless she is needed on the battlefield, she is usually practicing in a minefield or in the forest.

I dont know how skillful she has become during these last few years.

I havent seen her shoot for a long time.”

Yun Xi understood that Li Zilan had truly been the one who was hiding her skills.

After they got off the ski lift, they walked a few miles in the snow until Jin Lei found a suitable spot.

The surrounding mountains were covered with a breathtaking display of white snow, spreading all the way to the horizon.

The mountain range was vast and magnificent.

Compared to the mountains where they lived, these mountains were higher, and there were more of them.

The terrain was spread out and not so hard to navigate.

It was indeed a good place to practice sniping.

Yun Xi looked at the black leather case that Jin Lei was carrying.

She knew that it contained his personal sniper rifle.

The case that she was holding contained a lightweight practice sniper rifle that Jin Lei had selected for her.

“Instructor Jin, why dont you teach me how to shoot”

Instructor Zilan hadnt taught her because of Mu Feichis strict instructions.

Now the fact that she hadnt been taught to shoot was starting to make her feel small and ridiculous.

Jin Lei squatted down in the snow, put down the case, and looked at her.

“It is the responsibility of the Young Commander to teach you to shoot.

I will only touch on the basics.”

This is the woman that the Young Commander fancied.

Teaching her a professional skill such as shooting should be left to him.

If Jin Lei sidestepped the Young Commander and taught Yun Xi how to shoot, Mu Feichi would probably come after him.

Yun Xi knew that he was not as gullible as Feng Rui, but his cold attitude really hurt her feelings.

“Are you trying to make me feel bad”

“No, but I will not compete with the Young Marshal for credit,” Jin Lei casually added as he opened the case.

“Besides, it doesnt mean that you will be able to pick it up right away even if I taught you.

Every one of us in the Special Combat Unit has a personal rifle.

You havent even found your personal rifle yet.

You will have to go through the process and learn to shoot eventually.”

“Is this your rifle” Yun Xi looked at the dark, disassembled sniper rifle in the case.

It emitted a piercingly cold aura.

“Yes, its called Raging Fire, a manual CheyTac sniper rifle.

It can effectively kill all kinds of long-range targets.

Some people consider that the Barrett sniper rifle performs better but, in actual fact, its precision is not as good as this CheyTac.

Mu Feichi has modified its internal mechanics and increased its maximum range to 1,950 m.”

“I have only disassembled a Barrett.

I have never fired a sniper rifle.”

Jin Lei raised his brows and looked at her.

“Well, do you want to give it a try”

Yun Xi nodded immediately.

She certainly would like to try such a professional sniper rifle.

“Dont regret it after trying.

This rifle has been with me for many years, and its recoil is stronger than the one you have now.

Dont blame me if your hands tremble when you hold the needle during Mr.

Jiangs treatment tomorrow.”

“Then I better not try…” This fellow, knowing that the recoil was enormous, was still teasing her.

He was really mean.

“You should take a good look at the surrounding terrain and figure out the best sniper position.

Your gun is loaded with colored smoke shells.

I am not asking you to be able to hit me, but you should at least find out where Im hiding.

Otherwise, we will have to spend the next two days on the mountain.”

“Got it!” Yun Xi took out her sniper rifle.

This was a lightweight sniper rifle that Jin Lei had prepared especially for her.

Its range was not too far, so it was only suitable for a novice like her.

She seemed to recall something, and she lifted her head and asked, “Does the Young Marshal have a personal rifle Ive never seen him use his own rifle.”

“Didnt you see it that time when he rescued you from being kidnapped by Crocodile”

Yun Xi shook her head.

At that time, she had already escaped, and therefore Mu Feichi didnt need to use his rifle.

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