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Chapter 81: Ill Fly You up to Jiangnan on My Private Plane

“Then you get up, or Ill dissect you!”

“Okay, okay.

Ill fly you up to Jiangnan on my private plane.”

Yun Xi stared at him as if she was looking at a dimwit.

“Ill just take the train.

I dont want to bother you.”

If he flew, she was afraid of getting shot down.

“Im not so busy lately.

I have the time.”

He didnt care whether she agreed or not.

Hed decided for her.

“Come to the mountain tomorrow morning.

Well go directly to Jiangnan.”

“What about what you promised, about not meddling or interfering”

“Dont get so nervous.

I wont meddle or interfere with what you want to do.

Im just getting you there and back in the quickest manner.”

He stood up and pulled her up from the bed.

“School starts tomorrow.

Go early and come back early.

During your last year of studies, your grades have to be very good.”

“Thats an unnecessary worry.

My dad doesnt even worry about that.”

Mu Feichi chuckled and changed the topic.

“You run every morning not just to improve your physique, right You are athletic, but you arent fast enough.

You want to improve your strength.

Starting tomorrow, come up at night, and I will show you how to train.”

“I still have to study.

I dont have time.”

She did want to improve her strength, but she didnt intend on having too much involvement with him.

If she did agree, there would be ceaseless entanglements waiting in the future.

“You will have free time.” He rubbed her head and pointed to the two steel balls in the corner.

“Those two gadgets are for you.

Im leaving now.

Ill wait for you at the top of the mountain tomorrow morning.”


Standing at the window, Yun Xi watched him slide down along the sewer pipe and then climb down the three-story wall.

The agility and flexibility he displayed impressed her greatly.

He was this countrys experienced and admirable Young Marshal Mu.

He had endured so much hardship, yet he had still managed to return in triumph.

If he would really help her with her training, it really would save her a lot of trouble in the future.

However, she still needed to consider it carefully.

As soon as Grandpa Yun came home, he heard all the news about Yun Ziling, and he became so infuriated that he immediately rebuked Liang Xiuqin for being so full of herself.

Yun Ziling had tried to take advantage of Yun Xis friendship with the Chen family and went to the Chen familys house.

Using such obvious opportunistic and ambitious motives, how would others see the Yun family

Furthermore, Yun Ziling had also smashed Mrs.

Chens antique vase.

Regardless of whether or not they would pay for the exorbitant vase, going to someones house without an invitation was already quite offensive.

“From now on, dont even think about trying to exploit Yun Xis relationship with the Chen family.

The Chen family treats her like a lifesaver because they respect her.

Have you guys no shame With you so eager to be obsequious, you have brought me shame.”

“Grandpa… its not all my fault.

My sister didnt even care about the honor and disgrace of the Yun family.

I was so embarrassed today, but not only did she not help me, she also—”

“You got what you deserved! What does the Chen family have to do with you Yet you went to their door on behalf of the Yun family.

Are you so high and mighty or is the Yun family so high and mighty Dont forget, they are one of the four most distinguished families in Jingdu.

They are not ordinary people.”

The old man was really absolutely exasperated by the shamelessness of Liang Xiuqin and her daughter, and he snorted coldly and then turned to head upstairs.

“Grandpa…” Yun Ziling became anxious when she saw that Grandpa did not seem like he would help.

In terms of the millions in compensation, it was bad enough that her father had reprimanded them, but if he didnt help pay the compensation, where would they get the money to repay Mrs.


If they didnt pay the compensation and word got out, they wouldnt be able to remain in this social circle in the future.

She wanted to marry a wealthy man and get ahead of the other socialites, so she couldnt lose her foothold without a fight.

“Mom, what should we do Mrs.

Chen could decide to ostracize us and we could be kicked out of the upper class.

Well have no chance if that happens.

I dont want to be looked down upon by that group of women, and even more, I dont want to feel beneath them.

You must help me.”

After being scolded by the old man, Liang Xiuqin was feeling deeply resentful inside.

She blamed that wretched Yun Xi for bringing her so much trouble.

She could have solved the problem easily by putting in a few good words with Mrs.

Chen, but instead, she chose to bring it home and get payback against them.

How heartless she was!

“Dont worry, Mom will think of a way.

No matter what, you are still her sister, and Mrs.

Chen will have to let this thing go eventually.

Because if we suffer, that wretched girl wont be any better off either.


Chen understands this.”

“Then hurry up and find a way.”

Liang Xiuqin felt exasperated as she wracked her brains for an idea.

Soon, she raised her head to ask, “Did you see the old lady this time at the Chen familys house”

“No, I didnt even enter the villa.

I got kicked out in the courtyard.”

“Thats good then.

Dont worry, we still have a chance.”

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