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Chapter 810: Piggyback Jealousy

On the last day of training on the mountain, Mu Feichi went to the chair lift terminal to pick up Yun Xi.

His expression changed when he saw, from a distance, that she was riding piggyback on Jin Lei.

Qi Yuan, who was standing beside him, felt a murderous rage in the air all around them.

Without much thought, he walked over to Jin Lei and helped Yun Xi down from his back.

Qi Yuan glanced at Jin Lei, and he immediately understood.

He stepped back in order to keep a distance.

His cool handsome face returned to its usual cold and serious expression, open yet estranged, as if he were not the one who had carried her on his back.

Jin Lei lifted his eyes and looked at the figure standing at the door.

Mu Feichi had braved the snow to come up the mountain to meet Yun Xi even though he was injured.

The girls importance to him was perhaps far beyond Jin Leis expectations.

Fortunately, he hadnt acted out of line, otherwise, what he would have had to face would not be the Young Commanders anger but his gun.

Yun Xi saw Qi Yuan and, at the same time, noticed Jin Lei drawing away.

She looked up, seeing the figure coming toward her, and she realized what had happened.

She gave Jin Lei an awkward smile and walked indignantly toward Mu Feichi.

The countenance of the man, who was filled with jealousy, was as black as the night sky above.

“You have not recovered from your injury.

Why do you come here instead of resting properly”

Stepping forward, she put out her hand to help him, but he clasped her wrist, turned and walked toward the chair lift.

At that moment, she knew that she could not oppose him, but instead could only soothe him.

Qi Yuan and Jin Lei looked at each other and held their peace.

They slowed down and got into another chair lift behind them.

On the chair lift, Yun Xi purposely leaned over several times and looked at him.

Her movements finally caused the stern-faced man to turn around.

“What are you starring at”

“”Well, its rare to see you look so jealous.

I thought it was quite original, so I took a few more looks.”

“…” Mu Feichi snorted.

He looked through the glass window at the few empty chair lifts ahead, as if he could stare through them and kill Jin Lei with his eyes.

“Did Jin Lei give you a piggyback yesterday as well”

When a hoity-toity man became jealous, he could get very petty and fuss over even the littlest thing.

Otherwise, he would feel uncomfortably upset as if his possession had been coveted by others.

“Young Marshal, what are you fussing about In the eyes of Instructor Jin, Im only a student, perhaps not even a real student.

Hes just teaching me some techniques at your request.

He would do the same for anyone.”

“Even I have never given you a piggyback ride.

He seems to have taken advantage of you.”

“But you took a bullet for me.

My heart is very clear on who is more important.”

“……” Perhaps these words comforted Mu Feichi for he said nothing more.

When they got back to the hotel, he had Jin Lei return to the country straight away.

Jin Lei had been having trouble finding excuses to leave.

Therefore, when Mu Feichi asked him to go back, he simply did.

After all, they had to return home in batches on different flights anyway to reduce risk.

School started on the 14th of the first month.

By the time Yun Xi got home, she had already missed the inauguration ceremony.

She took a day off to rest at home, to recover from her jet lag, and returned to school the next day.

As soon as she got home, Yun Yuanfeng held her award and looked at it with a joyful sigh, for a long while.

On hearing that the president would present her with another award, he was so excited that he almost jumped over the sofa.

“Yun Xi, is that true”

Yun Xi nodded.

“I was informed of this by my teacher.

Im not sure if I will meet the president or not.

If the president presents me with the award personally, that would be my greatest honor.”

Even Yun Yuanfeng had never met the president.

This highest honor that had fallen on Yun Xi made Yun Yuanfeng feel very proud.

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