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Chapter 812: Not Covet That Which Was Not Hers

Yun Xi had already guessed who had called the moment Yun Yuanfeng had hung up the telephone.

She had just been joking, but Mu Feichi had taken it seriously.

In order to promote Yun Yuanfeng, he had really kept his promise.

“Yun Xi, Mu Feichis representative just called and invited us for a meal on the Lantern Festival tomorrow.

He said it was to thank you for the help you rendered in the past.

This is our first summons from the Young Commander.

You have to go.”

Yun Xin nodded.

“The Young Commander is not someone that just any common person could meet up with.

Its good that he has invited us.

I will definitely go.”

Not many from among the senior officers in Jingdu had had this opportunity.

Yun Yuanfeng was overjoyed to have this opportunity fall in his lap.

Yun Xi really brought him much prosperity.

Her return had not only made him proud, but had also given him this chance to make connections with Marshal Mu.

His luck was just too good.

Thinking about it, Yun Yuanfeng could not help but look at Liang Xiuqin and mock her.

“You see, it is still Yun Xi who is most capable.

Not only did she win this award, but now she has also gotten the opportunity for me to meet the Young Commander.

What of your idea that she would bring me misfortune She is causing me to prosper.

Use your brain and think, if she was really cursed to bring us misfortune, why wouldnt she have caused me trouble when she returned But she has never brought me any worries.

Instead, she has made me proud.

Your brain is stuck in the Dark Ages of superstition.”

“Why are you only talking about me Didnt you also believe what the fortune-teller said and agree to send her to the countryside Now that you have tasted some sweetness, it has become my fault.

Good times do not last long.

Now everything seems fantastic, but who knows what the future will bring”

Liang Xiuqin simply couldnt accept that Yun Xi was better than Yun Ziling, whom she had nurtured wholeheartedly.

How could this girl, who had been sent to the countryside for all these years, return and overshadow the one who she had deliberately raised to conform to the upper echelons of society

An unfortunate person treads on the path of misfortune.

She should not covet that which was not hers.

The higher someone climbed, the harder they would fall.

“Shut up! I cant wait to see the kind of daughter you have raised, judging from the way you spoil her.”

Regarding Liang Xiuqins unrepentant attitude, Yun Yuanfeng couldnt be bothered to say anything more.

Among his three daughters, he only had to groom one and that would suffice.

When Yun Xi heard Yun Yuanfeng scolding Liang Xiuqin in front of everyone, she couldnt help but smirk to herself, while maintaining an unconcerned lofty look.

Liang Xiuqin was superstitious, and Yun Yuanfeng was a snob.

These were her parents.

Each one was like the kettle calling the pot black.

One was not better than the other.

When Yun Chuhan, who was sitting on the couch on the other side of the room, heard that the Young Commander had invited them to a meal, she could not hold back anymore and said, “Dad, let me go too.”

“Why do you want to go Do you think that you can simply just go to such an occasion If you messed up my affair, I would not forgive you.”

Yun Yuanfeng would not compromise on issues that were so important.

“Sis…” Yun Chuhan looked at Yun Xi with a pleading look, hoping that she would say something to their father.

Before Yun Xi could say anything, Yun Yuanfeng interrupted Yun Chuhans pleading, “Its no use asking your sister.

I will not take you there.”

Yun Chuhan saw that there was no hope and clenched her hands into fists, annoyed.

She was depressed and angry, staring at Yun Xi with jealousy.

Yun Xi glanced at her and, without a word, turned with no expression and headed upstairs to bed.

Whatever she said, Yun Yuanfeng would agree to.

After all, they had been invited by Mu Feichi because of her.

Unfortunately, Yun Chuhan was not a grateful person.

Previously, Yun Xi had agreed to her wish to meet Mu Feichi and had taken her up the mountain.

This time she had taken for granted that Yun Xi would help her again, else she would feel resentful.

Since that was the case, why should Yun Xi bother

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