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Chapter 818: Situation of Jingdus High-Level Officials

Yun Xis bed was not high.

With Mu Feichi perched on the bed and Yun Xi kneeling on the carpet, it was hard not to let ones imagination run wild about the position they were in.

That being said, Mu Feichi did not try to make the situation any less awkward.

Instead, he let his mind wander.

Seeing Yun Xi leaning over, attentively tending to his wound, Mu Feichi couldnt resist the urge to tease her.

Especially after they had returned from their trip to the mountains, Mu Feichi could feel a diminishing distance with Yun Xi.

Embarking on that trip had pulled them much closer to each other.

It was as if they had been tourists treading the desert for miles, who had eventually reached the end.

Mu Feichi reached out his hand and stroked Yun Xis head.

As he ran his fingers through her hair, his fingertips skimming through Yun Xis soft, silky black hair, a casual thought surfaced in his mind.

For a very brief moment, Mu Feichi acknowledged how nice it would be to grow old together in this manner.

As soon as Yun Xi was finished changing Mu Feichis bandages, Mu Feichi scooped her up from the ground and sat her on his lap.

He did not even wait for her to put away her medical kit.

“What are you doing Let go of me!” Moving around and doing as he pleases, it was as if Mu Feichi had no injury, let alone any concern for his injury.

“No, Im not letting go,” Mu Feichi said as he embraced Yun Xi in a tighter hug.

Leaning his head closer and caressing her neck, Mu Feichi could faintly smell the fragrance of Yun Xis shower gel.

The scent was sweet, carrying a light floral aroma.

“You b*stard!” Yun Xi exclaimed as she extended her hand, pushing at him and causing a separation between Mu Feichi and herself.

Applying all the strength in her upper body, Yun Xi gave a push, hoping to increase the distance between them.

“Honey, if you continue to wriggle like this, youll wake the thing that shouldnt be awakened.

Dont blame me for behaving like a hoodlum when that happens.”

“…” Yun Xis face froze.

A flush of embarrassment appeared on her ears and worked its way down, extending to her neck within moments.

Keeping Mu Feichis words in mind, Yun Xi dared not move a muscle.

“Our unit has a military exercise occurring this July and, as the commander, Ill obviously be in command.

So Ill be busy really soon.”

Mu Feichi continued, his low and deep voice ringing in Yun Xis ears, “I need to make a trip to the base tomorrow.

As my mission is classified, I wont be able to receive your calls for a period of time.

Because of this, do be cautious while Im away and ring up my butler if you need anything.

I know he seems old, but he was once a bodyguard, and I assure you hes experienced and capable of handling situations and he wont cause you any worry.

The guards at the courtyard are also my men, so you can approach them too for help if you need it.”

“All right, I understand.

How long will you be away for training”

“Probably about a month.

Once everythings settled and arranged and theres time, Ill come back to visit you.”

“Right, youve got to do what youve got to do.

Duty comes first.” As the militarys marshal, Mu Feichi had his responsibilities and obligations to uphold.

This was a fact Yun Xi understood and therefore nothing more was said.

“The elections are coming up, but fret not, I have made the necessary arrangements for your father.

You have nothing to worry about.”

“Im not worrying.

Your assistance serves only as a stepping stone to his victory, as Im sure my father has his ways and means to have come this far.

Youll just be giving him a nudge in the right direction, helping him reach his goal in a quicker and easier manner.

In his previous life, Yun Xis father had deployed unscrupulous methods just to attain his goals.

Yun Xi saw no reason why her father would be any different in this life.

“All right.

Oh and another thing, I need you to keep an eye on the Qiao family.”

“The Qiao family Why Is something wrong” The sudden mention of the Qiao family took Yun Xi by surprise and sent her wondering whether there were some things that had happened that were beyond her expectations.

Mu Feichi loosened his grip on Yun Xi and proceeded to stroke her head.

“Nah, nothing much.

Come, Ill let you in on the current situation of Jingdus high-level officials.”

With that, Mu Feichi brought over the draft that hed placed on the desk and began scribbling on it.

He wrote down the respective military units under him and the Prime Minister, separating them using the left and right portions of the page.

At the center of the page, he wrote President.

“At present, the situation in Jingdu is rather balanced, and more or less in equilibrium.

But in recent years, the Prime Minister has gotten greedy.”

Mu Feichi continued to write down the names of the departments under the Prime Ministers power and influence.

He then finished off his list with the Qiao family.

“The Qiao family is the Prime Ministers new power interest.

Superficially, they are a separate option.

Hence, if it hadnt been for your vigilance, noticing their unusual activities, Im afraid I would have overlooked them too.”

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