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Chapter 821: The Hunter and the Sparrow

“I will take care of the Qiao family.

It will not be difficult to get them into power.

The upcoming elections are a very good opportunity.

I will ask Grey Wolf to send you the list of potential candidates from the Qiao family with all their detailed information.

You take a good look, and you can direct the chessboard and decide how to move the various chess pieces.”

“I will direct it” Yun Xi was a little surprised.

How strong must his trust in her be in order to unhesitatingly give such an important task to her just so that she could practice.

“Arent you afraid that I will mess it up”

Mu Feichis look said that he would take care of everything, just like a ruler would.

He raised his hand and patted her head gently.

“Dont worry, if you mess up, I will clean up the mess for you.”

Despite that, Yun Xi didnt dare to relax even a little.

This was a big game and, like a game of chess, if just one piece was moved wrong, the whole game could be lost.

“Dont be afraid and dont worry about the consequences.

No matter what happens, Im here for you.

He raised his hands and clasped her soft wrists.

“If your hands direct the whole game, then I…

His big hands covered her smaller ones, his palms were dry and warm.

“I am the one who is standing above the whole game, the one who decides who wins.

As long as Im here, the game is under my control.”

“I get it.

Youre the hunter behind the sparrow.”

With him here, there was indeed no need to worry if anything went wrong.

She could just go ahead and do what she wanted.

The show had begun.

She looked forward to her standoff with Qiao Ximin.

In the new semester, all sorts of tests were scheduled, one after another.

The ranking of Year Three students from Jingdus high schools was updated frequently and displayed to the classes.

Yun Xis results were stable as usual.

She was either the first or the second in the rankings.

Ever since she had stopped worrying about Zhou Chengzhe, she had also stopped giving in to him.

Class Threes subject teachers all saw Yun Xi as Jingdu High Schools hope for a top scorer this year and made her learning a key priority.

Teachers from other classes were envious that her form teacher, Mr.

Xu, had gotten such a talented student.

The award ceremony was held at the Xingji Hotel.

Mu Feichi, who had said that he would present the award to Yun Xi, couldnt show up because of his training exercise.

The Minister of Education was sent in his stead to present Yun Xi with the award.

This disappointed Yun Yuanfeng, who had accompanied her.

Looking at the venue filled mostly with people from the education sector, Yun Yuanfengs preparations for making connections here all seemed to have been wasted.

Many people attended the award ceremony, and the people who won the awards were from a wide range of industries.

The high-ranking ones were beyond Yun Yuanfengs reach.

He couldnt even get close to them.

Without someone to introduce him, even if he approached them, he would not be able to get an introduction.

Some of the others were in the agriculture and service industries.

Yun Yuanfeng thought they were below him and disdained even speaking to them.

Full of anger, he made up an excuse and left the venue quickly without even caring that Yun Xi was still there.

The elections were about to begin, but Mu Feichi had never given any clear indication of his intentions, so Yun Yuanfeng felt unsettled.

He had wanted to find an opportunity to confirm Mu Feichis intentions today, but hed never thought that he wouldnt even get to see the man.

Yun Xi watched Yun Yuanfeng leave in a twit and smiled coldly, while holding her trophy.

Her gaze never left the proceedings and remained stoic, not betraying even a hint of her emotions.

When the award ceremony ended, Yun Xi exited the venue and was about to call a cab to go home when a voice suddenly sounded from behind her, “Yun Xi!

She turned around to look, and Chen Yichen ended his conversation and walked over to her.

Yun Xi was a little surprised to see him, “Eldest Heir, what brings you here”

“There happened to be a business gathering here.

I saw someone who looked like you just as I was leaving.

To think it really is you…!”

Chen Yichen looked at the trophy she was carrying and his handsome face curved into a gentle smile.

“Congratulations! You have won such a big award.

It is definitely worth celebrating!”

He lifted his arm to check the time on his watch.

“Lets go.

Ill buy you supper and take you home after.”

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