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Chapter 824: Higher One Climbs, Harder One Falls

Having received this invitation from Grandfather Jiang, Yun Xi dragged her grandfather along with her.

On their way to the Jiang family home, she gave her grandfather a heads-up about bringing up the subject of her arranged marriage with Jiang Henglin.

It was only a matter of time before one of the parties called off the engagement.

Nevertheless, it was a difficult task for Yun Xi as she did not have the heart to bring up this matter personally with Grandfather Jiang.

So she convinced her grandfather to be the one to break the news to him.

After all, this engagement had been set up by their respective grandfathers many years ago.

If their grandfathers still had their best interests at heart, they would not be forcing two unwilling parties into a marriage.

Moreover, Yun Xi had many other reasons for calling off the engagement.

She was aware that by doing so, she would be cutting off all ties with Jiang Henglin, and this would mean eliminating any possibility of him approaching her, looking for trouble in the future.

As for how Jiang Henglin and Yun Ziling were going to work out whatever was going on between them, Yun Xi acknowledged that she was not in the right place to question or interfere.

Besides, it was their personal matter, and she couldnt have cared less.

In the future, once Jiang Qilin recovered the use of his legs and was able to stand, he would be able to regain his title as heir to the Jiang family.

Since Jiang Qilin would ultimately be the heir, there would be no need for Yun Xi to worry that she might offend the Jiang family and hence risk being labeled as their enemy.

The only family she had to deal with was the Hans.

Although it was inevitable that the other three families would get involved in this matter, Yun Xi was going to try her best to prevent any of them from being embroiled in the situation.

This was a score she wanted to settle only with the Hans and the Qiaos.

Their car came to a halt at the entrance of the Jiang family home.

Earlier that morning, Grandfather Jiang had been informed by their butler of their arrival later in the day.

Upon hearing that Grandfather Yun would be visiting also, Grandfather Jiang situated himself in the courtyard, eagerly awaiting his guests.

Hearing the sound of a car pulling up, the butler went out to welcome the guests.

Yun Xi handed her hostess gift to the butler and was thereafter led into the courtyard, together with her grandfather.

Trailing behind her grandfather, Yun Xi caught sight of a familiar figure in the distance.

It did not take long for her to figure out who it was.

“Hello, Grandpa Jiang! Its so great to see you!” Yun Xi greeted him.

“Youre finally here!” Seeing Grandfather Yun, Grandfather Jiang got up and walked toward them.

“Its such a rare occasion for you to visit.

You must have a meal before heading off.

Ill be so upset if you dont!”

Every time Yun Xi made a visit, she stayed only for a chat, and never for a meal.

This had always saddened Grandfather Jiang.

Grandfather Jiang knew Yun Xi would never presume on her relationship with the Jiang family, but he was genuinely fond of this child.

Upon entering the living room, Yun Xi observed that Grandmother Jiang, Jiang Henglins mother, and Jiang Qilins mother were all sitting on the sofa.

As per usual, Grandmother Jiang took no notice of Yun Xi as she stepped into the living room.

Her attitude toward Yun Xi remained cold and arrogant.

Nonetheless, Yun Xi greeted her.

“Hello, Grandmother Jiang.

Its good to see you.

Its nice to see you both , Aunties Jiang!” Yun Xi proceeded to greet Jiang Henglins and Jiang Qilins respective mothers.

Unlike Jiang Henglins mother who disregarded Yun Xis greeting, Jiang Qilins mother stood up to acknowledge it.

“Little Yun Xi is here!” Showing that she must be aware that Yun Xi was the one treating her sons leg injury, the eldest lady of the Jiang family was very welcoming.

She even instructed the butler, “Have the kitchen prepare more dishes.

We have guests today.”

Upon receiving Eldest Lady Jiangs request, the butler answered, “Reporting back to milady, Old Chief had already informed the kitchen to do so this morning!”

Grandfather Jiang was busy tending to his guests, ushering them to their seats.

“Yun Xi, I heard youd received an international award.

You have brought glory and pride to our nation.

Grandpa Jiang is very happy for you! Old Yun, I must say you have a very promising granddaughter.

Look at how proud she has made you!” Grandfather Jiang complimented Yun Xi.

Hearing this, Grandfather Yun felt embarrassed and promptly replied, “Old Chief is right! This granddaughter of mine has never made me worry.

Now that she has done us proud, we are gratified!”

Perched on the edge of a sofa, Yun Xi stifled her smile and humbly answered, “You flatter me, Grandpa Jiang.

Its the organizing committee who favor us youngsters.”

Displeased that her husband was showering Yun Xi with praises, Grandmother Jiang let out a snort and butted in, “Although one has achieved success at a young age, one shouldnt be too arrogant lest the higher one climbs, the harder one falls.”

“Nonsense,” Grandfather Jiang exclaimed, the change in his tone obviously showing dissatisfaction.

Glaring disapprovingly at Grandmother Jiang, he defended Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi is clever and sensible.

Not only that, she is a down-to-earth and talented girl.

Besides, her magnanimity and humble demeanor are equivalent to those of a lady in an aristocratic family.

You must be blind not to have noticed these qualities!”

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