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Chapter 829: More Captivating When Ambitious

When Yun Xi received Mu Feichis call, she was just heading out.

She had finished preparing samples of the medicine from her new formula for her second aunts pharmaceutical company.

As for whether it would be approved, that depended on whether there was anyone with a discerning eye in the Food and Drug Administration of this era.

On the bus, Yun Xi looked at the number that was calling her and noticed that five of its digits were hidden by asterisks.

She hesitated for a moment before picking it up.

“Oh, are you on the bus” Mu Feichi asked in a low voice after hearing the sound of bus announcements from her end.

Yun Xi smiled when she heard his voice.

The sunlight was just right now at the beginning of spring in Jingdu, its rays refracting through the buss window and shining on her delicate features.

Its pinkish glow emphasized her youthful vigor.

The snow outside, which hadnt completely melted, was reflected in her pupils, and a hint of stubbornness and grit was evident on her otherwise peaceful face.

“Im on my way to my second aunts pharmaceutical company.

Why are you calling me Arent you busy”

“I still have time to call you.” Mu Feichi turned around and glanced at the people huddling by the door trying to eavesdrop and walked further away.

“I heard that you visited the Jiang family together with your grandfather Did something happen while you were there”

Yun Xi immediately understood the reason for his call and smiled exasperatedly, “You just want to know if I visited the Jiang family to cancel my engagement, dont you You can just ask me directly.”

“All right, then take it that I have already asked and just tell me the answer.”

“Yes, Ive cancelled it.

Since I won that international award, my grandfather lets me do whatever I want, and since both Grandmother Jiang and Mrs.

Jiang are against the engagement, it doesnt matter if Jiang Henglin objects.

This engagement was fixed by Grandfather Jiang many years ago and since he has agreed, this matter is settled.”

Mu Feichi only heard the part where Jiang Henglin objected and that the engagement was cancelled.

His focus was on Jiang Henglins attitude.

That rascal had always disliked Yun Xi, but hed actually objected to the annulment

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes, and a sharp glint flashed behind them.

“Jiang Henglin objected to the annulment”

“Yes, he is probably unhappy that I brought it up first and feels that his pride has been wounded.

Anyway, when the time comes, the Jiang family will be announcing the annulment first.

Since they are taking the initiative, he has nothing to lose.”

When the time came, she would be gossiped about by other people who would say that her family background was not good enough for the Jiang family and what not.

That was fine, since it was the truth.

She wasnt afraid of people talking about it.

“He has nothing to lose, but you will suffer.”

“Im all right.

What they say is all true.

The Yun familys current standing is indeed not good enough for the Jiang family.

When the Yun family grows to become more influential in the future, we will naturally be received differently.”

She already disdained Jiang Henglin now, when that time came, she would just disdain him even more.

“Yes, you have spoken well.

My babe is more captivating when she is ambitious.”

He knew that she was working very hard to advance the Yun family into Jingdus high society without relying on him, but on her own intelligence and resourcefulness.

Although the path in front of her was not straightforward and would be difficult, he still liked to see her working hard.

Every day, she would be filled with vigor and positive energy, pouring her heart out to her own people, but never merciful when it came to her enemies.

Only this way, would she be able to steadily walk down the path that was ahead of her.

He was flirting with her from a remote location a long distance away.

Yun Xi blushed a little, and she changed the topic.

“Arent you at the training exercise Why are you able to call”

She could faintly hear the sound of cannons and thought that he was probably outdoors.

“I can call you whenever I miss you, I am the Young Commander.

Who would dare to say anything about it”

“As the Young Commander, that is even more reason for you to set a good example.

There is no need for you to worry about me.

I can take care of myself.”

She was no longer the meek Yun Xi who anyone could bully as she had been when she had first returned.

Strategizing, manipulating, and killing people: she was already used to doing these things now.

She was walking further down this road, and also higher and higher.

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