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Chapter 83: Especially Gorgeous

After getting out of the car, Yun Xi walked slowly toward him.

The man leaning against the plane had handsome features with defined contours, and his piercing eyes made him appear a bit arrogant.

Playing with a bunch of keys, he appeared aloof.

There was an innate suave quality about him.

It was the overwhelming aura of a leader in a high position.

A man like him, whod experienced all the ups and downs of the marketplace, had a sort of distant noble quality to him that was out of the commoners league.

Therefore, there were still differences between people.

When the heir of a distinguished family, Chen Yichen, offered to send her to Jiangnan, he mentioned sending a car and a chauffeur.

But Mu Feichi, used to being a decision-maker, doesnt bother with any nonsense and offers to directly fly her over with his private jet.

Just walking toward him made her feel like she was walking step by step toward a hunters trap.

Very dangerous! But she had no choice but to risk danger.

Everything had begun to change after her rebirth.

Every step she takes has to be cautious, and each step has to move her closer to victory.

Mu Feichi nonchalantly raised his eyes to look at the figure walking toward him.

The clothes that shed worn for the past few days were quite special, and today they were especially gorgeous.

She had on an emerald green embroidered dress, with short sleeves and a maxi hem, covered by a white chiffon scarf.

As she walked, the ruffles on the skirt appeared as if they were alive.

How beautiful and fairylike.

Mu Feichi raised his eyes and watched the elegant swaying skirt.

There was undisguised awe and admiration in his eyes.

There was one year left until she was a legal adult.

Although she had grown up in the countryside, she had nice features and fair skin.

In this gorgeous dress, she appeared even more beautiful.

She had no jewelry on, and her hair was tied up in a bun.

She appeared very refreshing, like flowers blooming after there had been rain during the night.

Altogether, she was dazzling and enchanting.

“Young Marshal Mu, are you sure you want to…”

She glanced at the jet behind him.

“How over the top!”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and took out a GPS from the jet.

“Give me the address.”

She looked at the GPS in his hand.

It looked as if it was an older model and resembled the ones she had come across in her previous life.

“You know how to use it” He unexpectedly passed it over to her.

Yun Xi gave it a cursory glance, entered the address of the drugstore, and the GPS automatically searched for a place near the drugstore where he could park the jet.

Mu Feichi watched her use it skillfully.

She definitely didnt look like someone who had never seen one of these before.

With everything she did, she was making him more and more curious about her.

“Oh, the Su Family Pharmaceuticals” Mu Feichi glanced at the address above his head and chuckled.

“You know this place as well” From how he was acting, obviously he knew of it.

“I know.” Mu Feichi took out his phone and dialed Su Hang.

Then he helped Yun Xi onto the jet.

“Su Hang, well arrive near you in 30 minutes.

Could you please come pick us up at the address Ive just sent you.”

Over the phone, Su Hang sounded a little surprised.

“Boss, what are you doing coming here I was just coming back today.”

“Then wait a little longer.

Stop blabbering on about nonsense.”

Without giving him the opportunity to say anything more, Mu Feichi promptly hung up the phone.

Yun Xi stared at the man as he put earphones on her ears.

She asked, “Young Marshal Mu, you wouldnt happen to know this shopkeeper, would you”

“I know the son of the family who owns this pharmaceutical company.

Hes my doctor.”

He pinched her face gently, adjusted her headphones, fastened her seat belt, and started the engine.

The door closed, and as she sat in the co-pilots seat, she watched the plane take off and soar past the top of the mountain.

She had never been in a jet before, and the feeling of flying over treetops felt both exotic and exciting at the same time.

She turned to look at the calm, handsome man in the pilots seat.

He maneuvered the plane skillfully, as if he was merely driving a car.

In front of her, he never immaturely did anything just to show off, nor did he do anything patronizing toward her.

He was calm, steady, and in control.

It seemed as if nothing could get in his way.

Everything was under his control.

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