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Chapter 832: Push Them Into H*ll

Yun Xi stood in the doorway without much expression, looking at Liang Xiuqin and Chen Lixue bickering with each other in the courtyard.

Listening to them airing each others dirty linen with all kinds of awful sarcasm was extremely unpleasant.

She knew how this had come about.

Shed met Mrs.

Zhang, who wanted her to tutor her child, at the main gate and had gotten to know that the news of her winning the chance to go to the competition had spread throughout the villa neighborhood.

She had not expected Liang Xiuqin to speak up for her.

It would have sufficed for her not to have been burdensome.

However, seeing them bickering with each other was quite interesting to her.

In particular, they looked quite awful.

It reminded her that trying to push the Yun family up in status to the circle of the great families of Jingdu perhaps was not a smart move.

They were such a burden, and no matter how hard she tried or how many means she had, a leopard would never change its spots.

Even if she wanted to deal with Liang Xiuqin and Chen Lixue, she should not get herself involved in it.

It was better to have someone else take care of it for her.

But now she needed to be strong.

Strong enough to make them fear her and what she was capable of even while they gossiped about her.

Pushing the gate open, she walked straight up the stairs, as if oblivious to the argument happening between Liang Xiuqin and Chen Lixue.

This was just the beginning.

In the future, she would push them one by one into h*ll.

“Wretched girl, dont you see your mother standing here The older you get, the ruder you become.

How did I give birth to a star of death like you…”

Liang Xiuqins swearing continued behind her as she passed by.

Yun Xi let out a laugh and went upstairs to pack her luggage and get ready to go abroad for the competition tomorrow.

For this competition, apart from Mr.

Lu Zhiwei from the Organizing Committee, there was another person who was in charge of the Organizing Committee and two school biology teachers going together.

A team of six people was headed to the competition.

Yun Xis proficiency in English was decent, so the school did not have to worry about a barrier in communication.

It was still early when they arrived in London, United Kingdom.

The Organizing Committee from London took both students to the competition venue to familiarize themselves with the environment.

Perhaps it was her subconscious vigilance, but Yun Xi felt that someone had been tailing her since she got off the plane.

She was very tense, not daring to relax throughout her journey from the airport to the hotel, and then on to the competition venue.

After the incident on the mountain, she knew that even without Crocodile, she was starting to draw the attention of many people.

Using her to threaten Mu Feichi was a good bargaining chip.

They have not announced their relationship publicly, as they were not really a couple, and, yet, she had already become the biggest threat to Mu Feichi.

If they would really come together in the future, and she did not have enough ability to protect herself, she would inevitably become a burden to Mu Feichi.

After familiarizing herself with the competition venue, Yun Xi used an excuse to go to the bathroom, got out of the venue, and dodged into an alley outside.

She had taken notice of this corner early on when she came in.

The potted plants were big enough to hide herself.

She crouched herself into the corner.

She took out the key chain mirror from her pocket and looked at what was coming up behind her.

Soon she saw a figure coming her way from another path.

With one look, she was stunned.

She saw the man in the mirror was Instructor Jin.

Why was he here

Was it him who had followed her all the way

Or was he here on a mission

Not knowing his purpose, she did not show herself instantly, but hid behind the potted plant.

She silently listened to the sound of muffled approaching footsteps on the red carpet that finally stopped beside her.

Jin Lei was looking for the figure who had disappeared suddenly from the corridor.

Knowing her ability, he checked around and finally fixed his sight on the potted plant at the corner.

Walking forward, he raised his hand and knocked on the wall, and, with a cold voice said, “Come out!”

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