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Chapter 836: Trap for Yun Xi

Jin Lei stood, silently pressing the keypad on his mobile phone to send a message.

The message read: Crocodile sent someone to plant drugs in her room.

Shes checking the surveillance videos.

Your woman is very smart.

She has begun to suspect.

Yun Xi was staring intensely at the screen, not aware of the actions of the person behind her.

There were too many guests moving in and out of the hotel.

She had to eliminate, judge, and analyze each and every one within a very short period of time.

She was like a headless fly, searching all over the place, without any goal or direction, relying solely on her intuition.

The phone in Jin Leis hand vibrated quietly.

He looked at the message that had come in, replying to his text: Let her investigate, but make certain that her safety is the number one priority!

Since Crocodile would inevitably find her and she was getting increasingly suspicious, he realized that he could not keep it from her any longer.

It is always better to be vigilant than to be ignorant.

Jin Lei couldnt help but smile after receiving Mu Feichis instructions.

Mu Feichi just couldnt bear to see his woman in trouble.

He walked over behind Yun Xi and calmly glanced at the screen.

“In order for you to identify the target that you are looking for, you have to know his identity.

Then you must seek for traces of clues from the suspects we have seen here and determine how many people are present and working against you.

In this way, you can find the target you are looking for faster.”

Yun Xi paused, turned around, and looked at the man standing behind her, “Instructor Jin, do you already have a suspect in mind”

“No, Im teaching you how to identify an enemy.

This is something you should learn.

In the future, if you choose to be a sniper, when you are looking through the scope of a rifle, you need to not only have perfect intuition, but absolute judgment about who the target is who is fleeing and hiding in the crowd.

Height, clothing, form, and appearance are all clues which can form the basis of your judgment.”

Yun Xi listened, but she wasnt sure that she understood what he was talking about.

After thinking it over, she finally comprehended what he was trying to teach her.

She turned back and looked at the screen, carefully following his instructions.

There were many cameras, from the lobby to the restaurant, in the carpark and all the corridors on all the floors.

She eliminated her targets one by one and finally fixed on two people.

She froze the screen at a corridor on the fourth floor.

The time was half an hour after shed left her room today to go to the competition venue with her teacher.

They were out of the screen for less than half an hour and then returned together.

One of them was carrying a canvas backpack when they disappeared from the screen.

The backpack appeared to contain a significant amount of stuff.

However, when he reappeared, the backpack looked much flatter.

As he opened it to draw out his room cardkey, she could see that the backpack had been emptied out.

It was not nearly as bulky as it had been before.

These were her number one suspects.

She turned and looked at Jin Lei, who was staring at the screen from behind her, “What do you think of the possibility that these two people were involved”

“It seems very likely.

Lets go and check them out and we can find out.” Jin Lei looked out of the window.

Yun Xi immediately understood what he meant.

She glanced at the two people in the surveillance video, who seemed to be going out for dinner.

Feeling a little puzzled, Yun Xi asked, “Since they had planted this stuff on me, why would they destroy the smoke detector I cant figure out the correlation between the two.”

“What if their intention was to set a fire and then take the opportunity to find the stuff and frame you Once the fire started, it would quickly alert everyone on the whole floor.

If that was their plan, they must have arranged the fire engine as well.

Perhaps the police were also waiting in ambush.

Once you are caught red-handed, Mu Feichi, who is currently abroad, would not be able to fly over in time.

And either through bribery or trickery, they will always have ways to snatch you away from the police.”

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