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Chapter 838: Hotel Fires

It was already midnight, the best time for a good dream, but Yun Xi sat on the floor beside the door.

She hugged a pillow as she leaned on the wall, trying to hear if there were any movements outside.

The soundproofing in the hotel hadnt been very well done, so the muffled footsteps outside could be heard.

Yun Xi hadnt slept at all.

There were a lot of noises from nearby rooms, and she had determined that most of the guests didnt leave their rooms after returning from their evening outings.

Suddenly, some footsteps stopped nearby.

She could also vaguely hear a rumbling sound of water.

Then, after a few seconds, she heard the sound of a lighter being ignited.

From that, she was able to determine that the criminals had gotten to work.

Soon, she heard the same footsteps leaving, and she stood up.

She opened the door carefully and stuck her head around the corner and looked into the corridor just as the owners of the footsteps turned the corner.

They were indeed the two men they had seen in the surveillance clip.

As they turned the corner, Yun Xi saw the smoke coming out from under the door of her original room.

She immediately ran to wake Jin Lei and some of the other guests who were sleeping nearby.

Soon, everyone on the floor had woken up.

Jin Lei took Yun Xis room card and opened the door and extinguished the fire.

The carpet was soaked with a flammable liquid, and though it caught fire quickly, it didnt spread too far.

After the fire was contained, someone notified the hotel staff and the manager.

Jin Lei told the hotel manager what had caused the fire.

He even used a towel to soak up the flammable liquid and showed it to the manager.

He also calmly admitted that it had been partially due to his mistake.

Instructor Lu Zhiwei rushed over with the other instructors and students.

After hed made sure that all his students were all right, he was relieved.

Then, after a short while, screams could be heard from upstairs, and guests came running down the stairs.

It was only then that the hotel manager realized that a fire had also broken out upstairs.

The sirens of the fire engines and police cars could be heard from outside almost immediately.

Yun Xi glanced at Jin Lei.

Everything that was happening now was not much different from what they had planned and predicted.

It had indeed been a setup.

Someone had planned for Yun Xi to be trapped in a fire.

Yun Xi nodded at Jin Lei, and he quickly left the scene.

The fire breaking out on two different floors wasnt exactly what the criminals had planned.

Men from the fire brigade and the police force rushed over and quickly surrounded the hotel.

Jin Lei followed Yun Xis instructions and deliberately guided the policemen to investigate the fourth floor.

A fire had broken out on two different floors of the hotel, and it wasnt what had been reported to the police.

They were unsure which was the room they were supposed to investigate for the setting of the fire.

The police had agreed to search the room that had caught fire.

But now, there seemed to have been a fire in two different rooms.

They were worried that they would make a mistake, so they searched both rooms and found the drugs on the fourth floor.

The hotel manager immediately called all the concierge staff to come over.

But they couldnt find the guests of that room on the fourth floor although they searched the entire hotel.

Likely, they had escaped when the fire broke out.

The policemen found a big bag of drugs in the tank of the toilet in the room on the fourth floor.

The hotel manager turned white when he saw the drugs.

He repeatedly told the police that the drugs didnt belong to any of the hotel staff and that the guests who had been staying in that room had brought the drugs.

Yun Xi and Jin Lei didnt have time to see what happened upstairs.

Just as the fire broke out on the fourth floor, they had already caught the two men who had hidden the drugs and set fire to Yun Xis room.

Yun Xi loved any time when she could beat someone up.

If she could fight more, she wouldnt have to talk so much.

Jin Lei blocked the door and looked coldly at the two men who had been severely beaten up.

Not only were they crying in pain, but there were injuries everywhere on their faces and bodies.

If this girl really wanted to beat the h*ll out of someone, she definitely wouldnt pull any punches.

It seemed as if he had really underestimated this girl.

She already had the toughness that one needed when facing ones enemies.

She definitely didnt need to learn it at all.

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