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Chapter 840: An Ordinary Person

Stepping out of the bathroom, Yun Xi turned to face Jin Lei, who was waiting for her.

She extended her arm and made a gesture at him.

Jin Lei squinted at her outstretched palm that she had stuck in front of him.

It was slender, white, and smooth.

He asked, “What do you want”

“Your mobile phone… I want to make a call to Mu Feichi.”

“Why bother him You can ask me any questions you might have.

I know most of the things the Young Commander knows.”

A thought struck Yun Xi upon hearing Jin Leis reply.

It suddenly occurred to her that Jin Lei had been involved in the troubles in the mountains.

Of course, Qi Yuan had been the one responsible for the capture and interrogation of the Crocodile imposter.

So, the question remained as to how much did Jin Lei actually know about the things going on behind the scenes.

“If thats the case, please explain to me what is happening.

Why is the Young Commander keeping things from me”

“Have you ever stopped to think about why he wants to hide things from you”

Jin Lei was faintly sneering.

Leaning his body against the wall, he raised his brows and studied Yun Xi.

It was undeniable that Yun Xi was an intelligent girl.

Apart from her cleverness, her vigilance was also commendable.

Both traits together made her a suitable candidate for the special forces.

If only the Young Commander would be more stern with her and train her correctly, her ability would not be too far off that of Li Zilan.

However… It was a pity because that was never going to happen.

It was a common understanding that Mu Feichi had an unreasonable temperament and was very protective of his woman.

Having acquired the appellation of his woman, it was out of the question that Mu Feichi could bear to allow Yun Xi to go through any stern training, let alone a really tough one.

Listening to Jin Leis rhetorical question, Yun Xi immediately understood Mu Feichis intention to hide the truth from her.

There could only be one explanation for his actions.

He wanted to protect Yun Xi from danger.

As much as Mu Feichi did not want to put Yun Xi in danger, it was impossible for Yun Xi not to be involved.

No matter where she escaped to, there was no way she could avoid being used as a threat to Mu Feichi, especially if the enemy was Crocodile.

He knew she was Mu Feichis weakness.

What Mu Feichi needed to do was to let her in on what was happening, not hide her from the truth and the danger associated with it.

She should be given the chance to face and defeat Crocodile, and thereafter she could completely get rid of this cancer once and for all.

Only by doing this would Yun Xi grow stronger.

Since Yun Xi was now aware of this truth, there was no way she was going to sit back.

She was going to act on it.

There was no turning back.

“Instructor Jin, Crocodile has chosen to target me again.

There is always going to be another attack.

He is not going to pull back, and if he continues to attack, Ill continue to be the greatest threat to Mu Feichi.

Since it is impossible for me to grow to be as strong as Mu Feichi on such short notice, we shall refrain from physical attacks.

Lets fight, not with brawns, but with our brains instead.”

Looking at Yun Xi pointing to her head, one could not help but be dazzled by the confidence and determination radiating from her pretty face.

Jin Lei was like most other men, and he could not help but be dazzled by her for a brief moment.

“I am more than happy to compare my intelligence with Crocodiles.

I dont believe I am not able to outsmart him.”

“Little girl, Im just going to give you a heads-up: no one has ever set their eyes on Crocodile.

Thus, nobody knows what he looks like, and nobody has any idea of his intelligence or his capabilities.

The only thing we know is that he takes lives like its nobodys business.

Every year, the amount of drugs he handles accounts for one-fifth of the worlds share.

Without having to actually calculate, just by hearing that amount, you can conceive the magnitude of his wealth and profitability.

So not only you, but the whole army wants to completely eradicate Crocodile.

Be it the Narcotics Bureau or other high-ranking officials, they all wish for the downfall of Crocodile.

They even dream about it.

Crocodile is not as simple as you think.

Even our Young Marshal has had to deal with him for many years.

If it were not for the fact that Crocodile was unsure of the capabilities of the special forces hidden by Mu Feichi, he wouldnt have hesitated and wouldve dealt with him by now.

Now, however, that he has found you and realized that you are Mu Feichis weakness, he is not wasting this chance of getting at Mu Feichi by targeting you.”

“Believe me, I do not underestimate Crocodile.

Solely from the fact that you guys have been taken in by numerous imposters of Crocodile, it is obvious that the real Crocodile is indeed a master of disguise and a man who knows how to play his cards well.

He has always been adept at behind-the-scenes plotting and scheming, and he has successfully stayed hidden from all of you.

Perhaps he is not unusually skilled or a man of high authority, but an ordinary person.

The more ordinary he is, the less likely it will be that hell attract the attention of you guys.

From the two guys descriptions of him, I have a gut feeling that the real identity of Crocodile is not a Vietnamese or a foreigner.

My instincts tell me that he is a man from our very own army.”

Upon hearing Yun Xis analysis, Jin Lei stood up in surprise, his eye color gradually changing from its usual deep dark hue to one that seemed ice-cold.

“Why do you say that”

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