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Chapter 841: Casting a Bait for Crocodile

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Yun Xis suspicions had never crossed their minds before.

No one had ever considered such a bold speculation.

After listening carefully to her analysis, Jin Lei felt that this idea was not beyond the realm of possibility.

The more improbable something was, the more it could be true.

“Although we cant guess who it is from the description made by those two fellows we just talked to, we are able to tell from the few encounters that weve had with Crocodile that he knows Mu Feichi very well.

And regarding our countrys situation, even about details that we may have overlooked, he knows them down to a T.

If he were a foreigner, no matter how well he knew the Young Commander, he would still have many limitations in his knowledge about our culture and customs.

Not only does he know how to lure the tiger away from the mountain, but he also knows how to act in an underhanded way.

The straightforwardness of foreigners differs from the way our people act.

If you carefully study and compare the culture and customs of foreigners and us, you will notice a difference.

The intuition of a woman is just so unexplainable.”

“If it is really someone from Jun Country, logically speaking, there must be some trace of him in the Young Marshals intelligence network.

“It just goes to show that the identity of Crocodile must be someone who all of you would never have thought of.

And it could be someone who is so ordinary that it will seem absurd.

The more common the person, the more ordinary his identity, the more he would go unnoticed.

Just like any ordinary passer-by, nobody notices who or what he is.

To have been so active at the border for so many years and to be able to control such a huge drug-trafficking group, he cant be really young.

He has to be fairly mature to be so experienced and skillful.”

Jin Lei nodded.

“Based on your speculations, we can narrow the area of our search.

Ill inform the intelligence team right now to begin checking.”

“Do be careful.

We finally have an idea who he is, so try not to alert him.”

“I know.

I will discuss this matter with Mu Feichi before we proceed.

I will stay by your side during this period.

The Young Commander is busy with the military exercise and will not be able to take care of you.

Try not to allow yourself to get in harms way.”

“I cant promise you that there wont be any hiccups.

I can only try my best to keep myself safe.”

Crocodile was targeting her now, desperate to use her to threaten Mu Feichi.

At present, they were in a passive position.

If they didnt take the initiative to fight back, the situation would continue to be at a stalemate.

Yun Xi stopped walking and looked at Jin Lei.

“Frankly, Crocodile has repeatedly attacked me.

Its impossible for me not to retaliate.

This time, Im going to cast the bait and see if I can fish out this hidden Crocodile.

Im looking forward to it!”

Jin Lei squinted at her, his deep, dark eyes falling on her rosy face, which was becoming so fierce and serious, and asked, “What are you going to do”

“Im going to cast a bait.”

“What are you going to use as bait”

“Do you remember the ledger we seized from the Han family Fake Crocodile sent so many people to kidnap Han Yaotian, just to get his hands on the ledger.

But later, when the ledger fell into the hands of the Young Commander, Crocodile ceased trying to steal the ledger.

Yun Xi paused and chuckled.

“He didnt stop trying to target Mu Feichi.

But Crocodile turned toward me as his target.

Obviously, this ledger is not unimportant to them, but is so important that they dare not act rashly.”

“Thats right! The last time when you were kidnapped at sea, Crocodiles request was also this ledger.”

“In other words, they targeted me just to coerce the Young Commander to surrender the ledger”

“Could be.”

Yun Xi sneered.

“Then they might as well ask me directly.”

She remembered most of the names in the ledger.

This was very important information, which she could use as leverage against most of the important people at all levels in Jingdu.

Any one name would bring her great benefits.

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