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Chapter 843: You Can Sleep with Me

Once a certain someone started flirting, the conversation soon warped into something completely different.

But Yun Xi didnt let him change the subject this time and redirected the conversation back to what they had originally been talking about.

“You want me to be spontaneous, sure.

But you need to promise me something.”

Mu Feichi seemed to have guessed what she wanted to say in advance.

He really didnt want to make her unhappy.

As he had spoiled her more and more, hed gotten used to doing it.

Either way, she was his girl.

If he didnt spoil her, did he want other people to do it

Even if she was fine with that, he wasnt.

HMMM! “You need to tell me what it is first, and Ill think about whether I can promise you.”

“Why think about it Youve always been domineering and unreasonable, shouldnt you be domineering now too and just agree to it straightaway”

“Babe, the person whos now being domineering and unreasonable is you.”

“…” That was true.

She was indeed being domineering, but this was something she had been thinking about for a long time.

She really hoped that he would support her.

“Babe, I know what you want to do.

Since its something you want to do, then go do it.

I wont stop you.

With your capabilities, I have faith that you will achieve your goal.”

“I havent even told you what I want to do yet.

How could you know”

“Just take it that our hearts are connected.” Mu Feichi smiled.

“If you want the ledger, Ill get someone to deliver it to you.

Or you could go to Tianyu Mountain and get it yourself.

Its inside my safe.

The password is your birthday.”

“…” Could this man not flirt with her at every opportunity he got

This sweet talk of his could make her compromise within a few sentences.

As time passed, she would sink deeper and deeper into his sweet talk and wouldnt even realize it.

How could she then keep her calm and cool

She didnt know.

But since shed met Mu Feichi, her world had been turned upside down.

What had happened to her had far exceeded her expectations.

If she required 100 times more courage and diligence to continue on her path of vengeance, then standing side-by-side with him would require 1,000 times more courage and diligence.

She might even have to use ruthless methods and schemes.

“You can do whatever you want, and I only have one condition.”

“What is it”

“No matter the circumstances, you must protect yourself.

If you want to settle the matter with Crocodile, please wait till I come back.

Ill let you sleep with me all you want.”

“Who wants to sleep with you” Here he was, giving her a normal reminder to be careful, and it became weird in just a few words.

“You dont want to sleep with me All right, then Ill sleep with you when I get back.”

“Can you please stop fooling around and speak properly”

“Whatever you want to do, if you run into any problems, you can tell me.

If you need people, Jin Lei will deploy them for you.

Hes the captain of the special forces, and he has the power to deploy the men.

Dont underestimate him.

That special forces team under him is the true elite among all of my elites.”

“Believe me, Ive never dared underestimate him.

Since youve agreed, then Ill start to carefully plan things out.

Ill try my best not to mess up and create trouble for you.”

“Even if you mess up, its fine.

Well just treat it as practice.

When someday you become the first lady by marrying the person in charge, youll be dealing with far more difficult situations.

Ill back you up, so do it however you want.”


After Yun Xi hung up, she sighed a little.

While there was a slight amount of bitterness in her heart, there was also a sweetness that she could nearly taste that was stuck in her throat.

In this world, there was probably no other person like him who would support her with all his heart, without suspicions, doubts, or scruples.

He had even given her the power to command his most mysterious and secret force, and he didnt even ask her what she wanted to do.

He wasnt worried at all about how much trouble she could make for him.

He just wholeheartedly believed in and supported her.

What he did made her heart melt like ice under the sun.

Perhaps this was just Mu Feichi being himself, a truly indomitable man who stood tall among others.

She had never met such a sincere, courageous man in her past life, so she felt especially lucky in her present one.

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