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Chapter 846: An Opportunity To Alienate Father and Daughter

Yun Yuanfeng knew that Yun Xi was returning home from the competition and got off work early.

Liang Xiuqin saw him coming back, and, since the old man wasnt present any longer, she tried her best to think of a topic to start a conversation with her husband.

The last time that Yun Xi had gotten an award, it had been promised that the President would be giving the award.

Then Yun Yuanfeng would be able to establish connections with someone of a much higher status than himself.

But, in the end, not only did he not see the President, they didnt even see the Young Commander.

Yun Yuanfeng ended up making the trip for nothing.

Since he couldnt confirm the connection with the Young Commander either, he was filled with frustration and ended up venting about it at home.

Liang Xiuqin saw his tantrum, and, naturally, she was happy that Yun Xi didnt manage to have the President or the Young Commander give her the award.

Now that she had this rare opportunity to alienate Yun Xi from her father further, naturally she had to seize it.

When Yun Yuanfeng returned, he held up Yun Xis trophy and looked it over.

However, before he could even praise and encourage Yun Xi, Liang Xiuqin spoke out with her usual nasty remarks.

“Hubby, whats the use of all these awards Theyre just superficial.

All they do is sound good.

After all, its not helpful toward your election.

We thought we would see the President during the last awards ceremony, but then didnt we end up not seeing anyone important Whats there to be happy about Maybe she was just lucky this time, and if she isnt so lucky next time, shell end up just being just an ordinary person.

You shouldnt put all your hopes on her.

It could hold your career back.”

As Yun Yuanfeng heard her speaking, his expression immediately darkened.

He turned and glared coldly at Liang Xiuqin, his face so dark that it frightened Liang Xiuqin and she immediately shut up.

This woman was really becoming more and more stupid.

He had planned to take the opportunity of his daughters ceremony to establish some connections, but such ideas should be kept in the dark.

Saying these things out loud in front of Yun Xi… How would she think about him as a father

Selfish Using his daughter as a bargaining chip in his election game Even if he really had such thoughts, he would never reveal them, as they would make him look really ugly and awful.

Even if Liang Xiuqin didnt care about her dignity as a mother, he needed to be able to command some respect from his children as their father.

Liang Xiuqin exposing him right in front of Yun Xi was equivalent to ripping out what dignity he had and stepping on it.

Next time, if Yun Xi became wary of him, he could forget about asking her for help.

Yun Xi raised her head from the papers she was working on for Yun Haozhe.

Of course shed heard all the foolish things her mother had said.

Shed seen people shooting themselves in their feet before, but rarely did they do it with such enthusiasm.

Saying things to play down Yun Xis achievements wasnt a big deal, but rushing to expose Yun Yuanfeng and destroying his dignity as a father… Obviously, he didnt like this at all.

Yun Xi glanced at Yun Yuanfeng and saw that her father was walking toward her, his face dark as the stormy skies.

She pretended not to see him and continued working on the questions for Yun Haozhe.

Everyone knew that Yun Yuanfeng cared a great deal about what others thought of him, and now Liang Xiuqin had made him lose face right in front of Chen Lixue and Yao Ying.

Without a doubt, there were many more quarrels between the couple to come.

Chen Lixue stood watching Liang Xiuqin seeking her own demise.

Her eyes were filled with disdain as she looked at Liang Xiuqin, who still hadnt comprehended what was happening.

She increasingly felt that she had a good chance of defeating this dumb woman.

Liang Xiuqins reckless brain alone could be used to her advantage.

Chen Lixue thought she could probably start trouble between Liang Xiuqin and Yun Yuanfeng and then go console Yun Yuanfeng.

It wouldnt take long to get the man on her side.

When the elections were finished and he had secured his position as director, perhaps there would be a change of the directors wife.

This b*tch had taken the seat of the deputy directors wife for so many years.

It was time for her to be in that seat.

“Dad, hows the vote-garnering for the election going Is everything thats necessary been arranged Your strongest competitor this year is someone from the Qiao family, right”

Yun Yuanfeng was startled.

He raised his head, looking as if he was pondering her words.

He asked, “How did you know”

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