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Chapter 849: Very Busy

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Yun Xi stared at the screen of her laptop for a while after she received Mu Feichis reply.

What Mu Feichi meant was that he was going to be a hands-off leader and would leave everything to her to figure out her way.

However, what had felt like a simple sentence to him had actually stressed her out a lot.

This would mean that she could use all the connections that he had control over in Jingdu, know all the details of the prominent families, and even give orders to his intelligence unit.

He had made the decision so casually and had handed over such important things to her.

His mental capacity and strength were definitely awe-inspiring.

Yun Xi wasnt 100 percent sure if that was exactly what Mu Feichi had meant, so she sent him another message to ask for clarification, but she didnt receive any more replies.

This was equivalent to Mu Feichi telling her that this was his final decision, and he would not change his mind.

Soon Grey Wolf sent her all the information that she wanted via the internal encrypted email system.

After Yun Xi had gone carefully through all the documents that had been sent by Grey Wolf, she roughly had an idea what to do.

But she would still need to consider where to put the Qiao family.

In a chess game, every chess piece has its own uses.

Therefore, no matter what, when you move a chess piece, you have to consider the benefits and consequences the move would bring.

Of course, she wouldnt mind getting Liang Xinyi, who had been hanging around the Yun family for far too long, involved.

Liang Xinyi was very ambitious, and she would do anything to get what she wanted, as had been proved since she had already sacrificed her innocence.

If Yun Xi could make a good move with this chess piece, it might come in handy in the future.

Whats more, there had always been a war between her and Liang Xinyi.

So if Liang Xinyi tried to fight her again, she would know what to do with her.

It would have been too easy if Liang Xinyi was just taken down, as she could still at least be a useful pawn.


The days before the college entrance examination flew by quickly.

Yun Xi called Jiang Qilin every other day to check on him.

Perhaps a man like him would always keep his pride and persistence.

For Jiang Qilin, standing up was the only tough battle he had to face right now

Fortunately, he was a blessed man.

After giving up thousands of times, he was lucky to have finally won the battle as he persisted without harboring much hope.

Standing in the living room of his big apartment, Yun Xi looked at this person making his first step while holding onto the parallel bars.

The tense atmosphere finally loosened up a little.

Fortunately, he had been able to stand up and have a chance at recovery.

The rehabilitation process was arduous and painful, but it was nothing to Jiang Qilin.

He felt as if it had been so long since he had seen himself standing or had even had any feelings in his legs.

The weather had gotten warmer, and the heater had been turned off.

Jiang Qilin raised his head and looked at Yun Xi, wanting to share his joy with her.

“Hows this Although I can only take one step and cant stand for too long…I can finally stand! Yun Xi, thank you!”

“You dont need to thank me, as I was only doing what I was supposed to do.

I have accepted your treatment fees, so I am just doing my duties as a doctor.

But dont tell anyone about me treating you, as things might still happen that will ruin my reputation.”

What was more important was that she still had things to do.

She didnt want his enemies to target her.

Because if that happened, then she would be getting attacked from all sides.

“I understand.

I have said it before.

I will not let any of my problems have any impact on you.”

Yun Xi nodded and turned to look at the male therapist who had been standing there looking at her.

For Jiang Qilin to have been able to stand up in such a short time, this therapist he hired must be pretty capable.

“Work hard during your therapy sessions.

Ive already made a list of the things you need to pay attention to for your diet.

As you will be exerting a lot of strength physically, this list is for your nourishment.

I will still tell you that having hopes and expectations for the future will make it easier on your journey to stand again.”

Jiang Qilin didnt expect her to comfort him.

He gently nodded.

“I understand.”

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