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Chapter 85: Raising Her as Your Toy

“You didnt tell me that you were going for medicine at first or where you were going.

How could I know it would be such a coincidence”

Even after being exposed so blatantly, Young Marshal Mu still remained impassive as he answered her.

“…” Yun Xi was at a loss for words, and she sighed.

Sure enough, people involved in business were really calculating.

Yun Xi stared at the Su Family Pharmaceutical sign and touched the stone lion at the door.

“So where do you want to go now Do you want to go back”

Shed started school today and had taken half a day off.

If she and Liang Xinyi had been assigned to the same class, then there really would be a good show waiting for her tonight.

“Ill take you to buy some stuff.”

Mu Feichi said to Su Hang, “You must quickly prepare the things she wants.

She has to go back to school today.”

“Boss, I can do it after I return to Jingdu.

Dont worry! Im familiar with this area.

Would you like me to be your tour guide”

“We dont need useless people.”

Mu Feichi rushed into a quaint alley with Yun Xi.

Su Hang leaned on the car window and sighed helplessly as he thought to himself, Boss, you have to see who this is.

This girl isnt even mature yet.

Are you perhaps planning on raising her as your toy

Thinking of this possibility, Su Hang shivered and goose bumps rose on his body.

Even he himself was frightened by his own ideas.

In her last life, Yun Xi had come to Jiangnan solely for the purpose of getting medicine and couldnt look around as she was doing now.

Mu Feichis idea of taking her to buy some stuff meant nothing more than eating and buying things non-stop.

This was probably the most relaxed and happiest she had been at any time in her two lifetimes.

She could eat, drink, and play without restraint or having to come up with Machiavellian schemes or constantly watch her back.

Perhaps, after she had finished dealing with the Yun family, she would no longer have such an innocent emotional state.

However, now, as she ate the sweet osmanthus cake, she looked up at the gentle man in front of her.

Although he was such an insufferably arrogant man, he really was pleasing to the eye.

“Thats enough, dont eat too much.

Ill take you out to lunch later.”

He raised his hand and touched her head.

It was rare to see her eating so excitedly, like a child.

Yun Xi sat back and glared at him as she bit her lip.

“Your tone is that of one speaking to a daughter.

I am not your daughter.”

“I really want to raise a daughter, but I dont have the patience.”

He chuckled softly and led her into a quaint old mansion.

A copper bell was at the door.

He rang it and the person who opened the door was a tough-looking, tomboyish woman.

She had crisp short hair, dark green long boots, and the allure of her eyes was concealed by her heavy eye makeup.

Yun Xi could tell that this handsome girl with the punk vibe was special at first sight.

“Young Marshal M!” Upon seeing who was at the door, the woman stood up straight and nodded at him courteously.

“Zilan, your holiday is over.”

“Huh Is there a task” Li Zilan appeared disgruntled, but the thought of a task awaiting raised her spirits.

Mu Feichi patted the head of the young girl beside him.

“She is your task.”


Li Zilan stared at the little girl standing beside him, looking her up and down.

Her face was full of disdain.

“Why are you throwing me a kid that hasnt even hit puberty yet”

“Come back to Tianyu Mountain and teach her all the skills you have learned.”

“Just her” Li Zilan thought she was yet another wealthy socialite who had gotten in through connections.

“She looks like a Goody Two-shoes.

I dont have the time to be her nanny.”

“Her name is Yun Xi.

Are you interested in her now Ive brought her here and came all the way to ask you personally to do it.”

“What” Upon hearing her name, Li Zilan finally started taking the young girl seriously.

“She is the girl who fought off the pack of wolves and went into the mountains alone How come she doesnt look like someone who could do that With such a small body, I could knock her down with one punch.”

“Then you can try to.” Mu Feichi gazed at her with a mirthful expression, then glanced at the calm, yet cunning, little fox.

The scene of these two foxes fighting would be something to look forward to!

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