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Chapter 851: Smart and Ambitious

“I know.

But no one can be sure about the future.”

As Yun Xi stood up, she hid the coldness in her expression, and her face reverted to its usual joyous exuberance.

“So, are you hoping that I wont treat her as an enemy Or that I wont treat you as an enemy”

Yun Xi nodded slightly.

“Whatever happens, I dont wish to become enemies with you, neither do I want to be enemies with the Zhao family.

The Young Madame of the Zhao family is my best friend.”

The moment Yun Xi said that, Jiang Qilin knew that she was about to take some drastic action.

Jiang Qilin couldnt guess what Yun Xi would do at such a young age.

However, based on the fact that Mu Feichi had gone as far as to tell her about letting the Zhao family get the position in the four wealthy families and dragging the Han family down, she clearly had a special place in his heart.

If the Young Commander really had such plans, then, when the balance of the four wealthy families was tipped, and the Zhao family replaced the Han family, it would be impossible for everyone to stay as calm as they were now.

But until now, he still hadnt been able to comprehend what role a little girl like Yun Xi would play in this.

He was already over 30 and had seen all sorts of people over the years, but with this little girl, he couldnt see through her at all.

“I wont go back on my word.

But Im just very curious, what are you planning to do”

Even the Young Commander wouldnt rashly break the current situation in Jingdu.

Listening to her talk, it seemed that she was intending to break the balance of the current situation and create a brand-new one.

The start of a new situation in Jingdu would involve countless people from various scenes and areas.

The whole thing could become a chaotic whirlpool, reeling in anyone who wasnt careful enough.

This would require meticulous planning, schemes, and arrangements.

Every bit of detail must be considered.

This was like a chess game, one wrong move and the entire board would be lost.

If she really wanted to change the current situation in Jingdu, it wouldnt be an easy task.

Countless high-level officials, even the person at the apex of power in Jingdu had thought about changing the balance of the existing situation.

Yet, perhaps because there was simply too much to consider, no one had actually made the move.

Its something that hed never thought of before and had never dared to think about, yet she was thinking about it.

This little girl before him, what could she do What did she want to do

This was getting more scary the more he thought about it.

A girl who hadnt even graduated high school yet was already thinking about such grand schemes.

This was absolutely ridiculous to him.

Yet at the same time, as he understood what she meant, he started looking forward to it a little bit.

“Im not yet thinking about doing anything.

When the situation clears up, you will understand.

I do have something that I want to do, in the future…”

She raised her head slightly, her bright and determined expression glowing, like the brightest pearl inside an oyster, illuminating those around her.

“I wont become your enemy.

If you need any help, just ask me.”

Yun Xi nodded, her eyes curled into little crescents with gratitude.

“Thank you! No matter what happens, I will remember this favor.”

“I should be the one thanking you.

You have given me a second chance at life.”

The two exchanged looks and laughed.

They understood what each other was thinking despite not saying it out loud.

As Jiang Qilin watched Yun Xi leave the apartment, his calm expression gradually faded away, and his deep gaze landed on the closed door.

“Jing Yi, Im suddenly starting to look forward to this.”

“What are you looking forward to, Young Master” Jing Yi looked toward the direction where Jiang Qilin was looking.

Hed only understood a small part of the conversation just now.

The little girl had great ambition, and she did everything well.

Furthermore, she had the Young Commander backing her up, so there was no way she would mess up too badly.

“Im looking forward to how high a position she will attain in the future.

Shes smart and ambitious, and even the Young Commander has absolute faith in her.

Perhaps some day, the situation in Jingdu will really change because of her.”

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