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Chapter 853: Better to Know How to Fight

The net had been cast.

But what remained was not an easy task for Yun Xi.

She had to figure out how to catch the fish and which fish to catch first.

However, the most important thing she had to do at the moment was to support and help the Qiao family move up the ranks.

Once the Qiao family got to the top, then she could fight them.

Only then could she get close to Qiao Ximin and Han Yaotian and finally get her revenge.

Yun Xi had been waiting for this day to come for a very long time.

If it hadnt been for her age, she would have taken action long ago.

“Yun Xi, whats on your mind Why do you always look like you have a lot on your mind recently”

As soon as class ended, Zhao Yumo came over to meet Yun Xi for a meal.

Shed also planned to go over to Yun Xis place before her visit to her grandfather.

Yun Xi had collected her grandfathers newly prescribed medications from her second aunts pharmaceutical business.

So Zhao Yumo was going to pick them up on her way over to her grandfathers house.

“Yumo, I need to tell you something.

So, lets go talk over a meal.”

“What do you want to eat today” Zhao Yumo waved at her driver who was waiting at the schools entrance and turned to ask Yun Xi.

“Lets go somewhere not too crowded, somewhere thats private.

My treat…”

“Oh, someones feeling rich recently.

Why are you always treating people to meals”

After saying that, Zhao Yumo suddenly thought of something.

With a look of understanding, she said, “I know.

Youve won several big awards recently, and you must have gotten a ton of prize money.

Then we must go somewhere nice today and eat as much as we can.”

“I gave the prize money to my second aunt to help save for my university fees.

Recently, I also started paying tuition for a few students.”

Hearing the news of her winning an award, some children from the villa complex where she lived had come to ask her for help with their tuition.

Liang Xiuqin had tried to make some money off her too.

But Yun Xi had embarrassed her in front of Yun Yuanfeng and Grandfather.

Yun Yuanfeng and Grandfather were very concerned about their reputations, and Yun Xi had made them proud.

But Liang Xiuqin was indecently greedy, so they strictly forbade her from interfering in Yun Xis affairs, as they didnt want to be disgraced.

It also made Yun Yuanfeng look good in front of many of the most important people who lived in the villa complex.

In addition, Mu Feichi had also sent someone to convey a message to him, which made him feel that Yun Xi was definitely his lucky star.

When she was doing well, his luck changed for the better too.

“I heard that the outcome of the election that your father took part in is out.

How did it go”

“I will tell you more about this in detail later.” Yun Xi stole a glance at the driver.

Zhao Yumo realized what she meant immediately and stopped talking about it.

Instead, she began to talk about their studies.

After a short discussion, they finally chose a restaurant owned by the Jiang family.

Yun Xi saw Zhao Yumo presenting the restaurants VIP card at the counter and immediately understood what was going on.

Although Jiang Chenghuan was strict with Yumo, he still treated her quite well in many other respects.

As soon as the staff at the front desk saw the VIP card that Zhao Yumo had presented, they immediately got the manager to serve them personally.

Zhao Yumo asked for the private room that Jiang Chenghuan used daily and sent the staff away after ordering the food.

“Yun Xi, what do you want to tell me It feels really secretive.

This private room can only be used by Jiang Chenghuan normally, and no one would dare to come in without permission.

The soundproofing is good too, so no one will be able to eavesdrop on us.”

Yun Xi did not immediately go into the important topic that she wanted to talk to Zhao Yumo about, but first talked about her and Jiang Chenghuan.

“How is your training with Jiang Chenghuan going What has he taught you”

“Other than the basic self-defense techniques, Ive learned how to fire a gun and also have learned about guns and ammunition from various countries.

He taught me all about those after the incident of us being chased by mercenaries in the forest reserve.

He was probably worried about a clueless rookie like me, as its probably better to know how to fight than just to be quick-witted.

Anyway, in his words, its more important to stay alive, as if you are dead, its useless no matter how ambitious you are.”

Yun Xi nodded as she agreed with his words 100 percent.

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