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Chapter 855: Bearing Half the Risk

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“What if this piece just stays stationary and waits in the dark” Yun Xi took two peanuts from the bowl on the table and placed them on the Qiao familys name on the piece of paper.

“Thats too dangerous, they could provoke a crisis.

They must be removed.

If your opponent doesnt move, youll be forced to become passive.”

“Bingo!” Yun Xi snapped her fingers and smiled.

It was so easy talking to someone intelligent.

Zhao Yumo smiled back and raised her finger to point in the direction of the Qiao family branch faction.

Her gaze was sly and cunning.

“You want to get the Qiao family branch faction in a strong position because an enemys enemy is a friend, right”

Yun Xi nodded with her eyes half-closed.

She never talked about the deeper reason behind her hatred of the Qiao family.

She was determined to get her revenge on Qiao Ximin.

“So dear Yumo, you are going to have to work a little harder and learn everything you can from that Fool Jiang, whether he wants you to know about it or not.”

“I know.

He doesnt hide things from me.” As Zhao Yumo spoke, she didnt realize how protective of Jiang Chenghuan she sounded.

Instead, she looked toward Yun Xi, her crafty gaze teasing her.

“Yun Xi, are you analyzing all these situations with me today because Mu Feichi has taken some action Has he given you the right to command Are you planning to strike out at them”

“Them” included both the Han family and Qiao family.

Actually, the actions she needed to take against the Qiao family werent really a big deal.

However, if she took action against the Han family and broke up the balance of power in Jingdu, then the Zhao family would have to be ready to step up and replace them.

At this time, Zhao Yumo would need to have acquired all the methods and ability to carry the burden of her entire family on her shoulders.

She couldnt continue to be a piece on a board who knew nothing and could only be controlled by others.

“What do you think” Yun Xi put down her soup bowl and looked at her friend with a questioning expression.

There was a slight smile and a calmness in her eyes that made her difficult to read.

Zhao Yumo chewed on her chopsticks as she thought about it, her eyes staring at the families names on the paper.

Talking out their strategies on paper seemed easy compared to actually taking action.

The reality was going to be far crueler than she had imagined.

This was a turbulent game that involved all sorts of facades and deceits, and with one wrong move she could even lose her life.

She was anxious and scared, yet she couldnt help but feel a little excited too.

“No matter what, it isnt going to be easy for you to break up the balance of power in Jingdu.

Once that balance is broken, the entire world of Jingdu will be thrown into chaos.

By then, even if I have the ability to take over as the heir of the Zhao family, are you sure you are able to control the situation”

This wasnt a small issue.

This was a huge event that would involve the rise and fall of several of the major, richest families in Jingdu.

If they werent careful, not only would Jingdu be thrown into chaos, but Mu Feichi and Yun Xi could become targets for everyone, and many people would want them dead.

“As long as you can control your Zhao family, I can control the situation.

So, Ill tell you straight upfront now, when that happens…”

Zhao Yumo had already understood the meaning of their conversation today.

She put down her chopsticks and looked at Yun Xi with a solemn expression.

“Dont worry, I will not drag you down when that happens.

Moreover, Mu Feichi and Jiang Chenghuan are with us too.

Im sure the situation wont become that bad.

You just need to focus on the things you want to do.”

She didnt ask why Yun Xi suddenly wanted to take action against the Qiao family and the Han family.

All she knew was that in order for the Zhao family to rise into the position of one of the four richest families in Jingdu, she was going to be bearing half of the risk along with Yun Xi.

Without Yun Xi, it would have been very difficult for the Zhao family to rise up to that position.

“Great!” Yun Xi felt at ease because of the trust between them.

It was as though their minds were on the same frequency.

Compared to Qiao Ximin, who had supposedly been her best friend in her previous life but who had always seemed fake and scheming, she felt truly lucky to have a friend like Zhao Yumo in this life.

After the meal, the two walked out of their private room.

Yun Xi suddenly saw Han Zhongteng and Liang Xinyi exiting another room.

She hurriedly tugged at Zhao Yumo, and the two hid behind a decorative screen in the corner of the room.

Zhao Yumo was nimble and quickly understood what was happening.

She stood sideways and pulled herself back into the corner before quietly peeking out to the corridor.

When she saw the duo in the small hall in front, she silently mouthed three words to Yun Xi.

Yun Xi shook her head, and the two of them continued to hide behind the screen, quietly listening to the conversation of the two in the hall.

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