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Chapter 856: Liang Xinyis Shame

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“Im going to be taking the high school graduation exams soon.

With my current results, theres no way I can get into Jingdu University.

Are you sure that Ms.

Han has made all the necessary arrangements”

If it had really all been arranged, then her admission into Jingdu University wouldnt be an issue.

In which case, revision and work wouldnt make any difference since she would achieve her goal regardless.

She could then spend the rest of her time on other stuff.

Han Zhongteng lay back lazily on the couch, his frivolous gaze resting on the little girl who had come here to bargain with him.

This girl had nothing to bargain with, yet she still dared to come haggle with him.

He did have a thing for girls like her and was always searching for female students.

It wasnt actually difficult for him to find a young virgin girl, as long as he offered a high price.

There was always a long queue at his door.

It was just that he quite liked Liang Xinyis looks, and she was very clean.

Indeed, he was very particular about cleanliness and was happy to keep this girl to toy with.

Since she still wanted something from him, and Han Wanling was helping him control her, then she still had some value to be used by him.

“Whatever Han Wanling promised you, I will get someone to do it.

As for you, you just do what she told you to do.”

Han Zhongteng rubbed his temples.

He could see exactly what this girl was thinking.

If it had been only about a trivial matter, she couldve just called instead of coming to see him personally.

They both knew very well what coming to see him meant, and what price she would need to pay.

Since she had come knocking on Han Zhongtengs door, of course he couldnt just let her go with no conditions.

“Ill monitor Yun Xi and tell you about any odd developments and information I hear about.

Recently, however, she has been going out quite frequently, and I cant follow her all the time.

I only know that she is going out to see someone.

Im not in the same school as she is now, so its very difficult to monitor her.”

“You can report all this to Han Wanling later on.

Theres no need to tell me.

I dont have much interest in her.”

As he finished that sentence, Han Zhongteng paused, his gaze turning heated and lecherous.

It was as if he was taking off all her clothes and looking at her naked.

He said in a lustful tone, “If she was as clean as you, maybe Id really fancy her.”

As he said that, Liang Xinyi trembled and her palms started sweating a little inside her clenched fists.

“She…shes the same age as me, just three months younger…”

Liang Xinyi lowered her head slightly and took a deep breath.

If he really had his eyes on that d*mned Yun Xi, then maybe she could finally escape from the grasp of this devil.

She was really looking forward to that day.

Let that b*tch taste the same humiliation that she did.

Han Zhongteng sneered to himself.

He could see right through Liang Xinyis little scheme, but he still didnt want to let her off the hook.

The previous time when hed tried to help her, all the people that Liang Xinyi had requested that he deal with had disappeared.

Yun Xi wasnt as simple as she seemed.

Hed sent people to investigate her, and only then had he discovered that she had good connections with all the four richest families in Jingdu.

He couldnt find a single clue regarding who had ambushed and killed the mercenaries he had deployed.

That was the really terrifying part.

All of these were signs that there was someone very powerful helping her.

And he couldnt identify this person.

He couldnt even find any useful information regarding who it was.

There were only a handful of people who could do such a thing in Jingdu, and all of them were big shots that he wouldnt dare to provoke.

“Im not interested in her for now.

You came to find me for other reasons, right”

Liang Xinyi finally got beyond the vicious emotions that she was feeling in talking about Yun Xi when Han Zhongteng started talking about her business.

She raised her head to look at the man who was sitting on the couch and gave a devilish smile.

“Ive heard that there will be a ball for all the famous and wealthy in Jingdu next year.

I want to participate.

Theres still one year of time.

I want to train as a celebrity.

The daughters of the four rich families are all participating.

I know your family has one spot also, but you dont have a sister…”

Han Zhongteng raised his eyebrows as he looked at her, amused.

“The whole of Jingdu knows about whats going on between you and me.

Do you still want to go to the ball”

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