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Chapter 864: Hunter Behind the Oriole

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With the idiot Yun Ziling pulling every string to get him to accompany them and Liang Xiuqin sweet-talking him at the same time, Jiang Henglin finally got his ego under control and agreed to join their family for the hot spring holiday.

Yun Yuanfeng had initially thought that, without the arranged marriage, they would lose the support of the Jiang family.

However, Jiang Henglins attitude toward Yun Ziling seemed to be pretty decent, so he thought that maybe Yun Ziling could marry into the Jiang family, and that way they would still be able to back the Yun family up.

Everyone in the group was completely involved in their own little thoughts.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo exchanged looks and couldnt help but roll their eyes as they led the group toward the clubhouse.

The front desk had already arranged their rooms.

Yun Ziling had a single room, Chen Lixue and Liang Xinyi shared a room, and Liang Xiuqin would be together with Yun Yuanfeng.

Every room had its own hot spring.

Yun Xi glanced at Chen Lixue and Yun Yuanfengs key cards before telling them all to go to their rooms to put away their belongings.

Upon learning that she had gotten a room all to herself, Yun Ziling was thrilled and grabbed onto Jiang Henglins arm.

“Second master, later on when youre finished with all your business, how about we eat dinner together Its more lively with more people, isnt it”

Jiang Henglin immediately pulled away his arm and glanced at Yun Xi, before spitting out some cold words, “Well see!”

Yun Zilings room was not far from Jiang Henglins room, which he had just gotten on the spot.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumos room had been reserved much earlier, so Jiang Henglin wasnt sure where she was staying.

He had important business to tend to, and he didnt want to waste time talking to an idiot like Yun Ziling.

Once in their room, Yun Xi took out her laptop and quickly hacked into the surveillance camera on the corridor where Liang Xinyis room was located.

Zhao Yumo came over with a cup of hot tea and sat cross-legged beside her.

She asked, “Yun Xi, what do you think Liang Xinyi is going to do”

They had constructed the stage for her, and all that was left was for her to put on a show.

“She went out at noon.

I think it was to get something from Han Zhongteng.”

“What exactly did she get”

“Im guessing its something that could create an opportunity for her mom and my dad.”

“Han Zhongteng isnt an upright person by any means, an item that could create such an opportunity… Are you talking about an aphrodisiac But your dad and your mom are in the same room.

It isnt going to be so easy to drug him.”


So Im guessing she will first use something to tempt my mother away.

Otherwise, how would there be a chance for her”

Yun Xi pointed at the figure that was walking out of the room on the surveillance screen, “Look, the target has moved.”

“Your guess was on point! How were you so sure that she would seize the chance and make her move at this time”

Such guessing and observation was something Zhao Yumo had been working at for a very long time, whether judging a situation or studying peoples personalities and behavior.

These are all skills that she had spent a long time learning.

Jiang Chenghuan had been teaching her about it.

She was nowhere near as talented as Yun Xi was.

“Because my dad just became a director, and she wants to attend the ball, she will need to have her background improve.

If her mom could get rid of my mom and replace her, then she will become the daughter of a director.

Although not related by blood, at least she would have a director as her dad, do you see Dont forget that with my dad in that position, there are loads of people who want to win him over.”

“That makes sense, with a decent background and the chance that Han Zhongteng has given her, she would still have one year to learn all about the mannerisms of a lady from a noble family.

This is indeed a great opportunity for her to turn her life around.

All thats left is to see if she is capable of doing it.”

“The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.1 We shall be the hunter behind the oriole.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows as she watched the surveillance screen.

Then her fingers tapped lightly on the keyboard and quickly found Liang Xinyis figure on the hotels surveillance system.

“If Liang Xinyi succeeds this time, what do you plan to do”

Zhao Yumo looked at Yun Xi, whose composure and cold surveillance over something like this really was beyond her imagination.

But it also made sense.

With a family like this, obviously Yun Xi couldnt care less whether or not they succeeded or even survived.

Yun Xis eyes looked like crescent moons as she gave a big smile.

Her crafty gaze gleamed as bright as the sun.

“Then, my uncle from the countryside shall make his appearance.

Believe me, the show has only just begun! Dont worry.

Youre not going to be bored.


[1] This is a Chinese proverb, while the mantis is preying on the cicada, the oriole behind the mantis is also preying on him.

In this case, Yun Xi wants to achieve a further level, and be the hunter who hunts the oriole, meaning that she wants to be the ultimate winner.

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