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Chapter 866: Better Left Unseen

What Liang Xinyi had done was not terribly serious, and it definitely was nowhere near a grievous offense.

Targeting Yun Ziling had been, in her opinion, the best way to go about it because it was the most direct and effective method to remove Liang Xiuqin from the picture.

Yun Ziling was Liang Xiuqins heart.

If anything were to happen to Yun Ziling, it was certain that no one would be more worried than Liang Xiuqin.

With that in mind, it was undeniable that this plot of Liang Xinyis, to eliminate Liang Xiuqin, could not have been better devised.

“Come on, Yumo, lets get out of here.

We can take a walk.” Not going for a soak in the hot springs was not an issue, but missing out on what was going to happen next would be.

With Liang Xinyi successfully making her first move, Yun Xi and Yumo could now sit back and watch the drama as the rest of the plan subsequently unfolded.

Thereafter, they were going to be able to witness how the targeted parties were going to send each other on the road to ruin.

Minutes after Yun Xi and Yumo headed outside, they ventured into a area near the Yun familys rooms that was close enough to catch a familiar voice.

Just by hearing the voice, being flirtatious at that moment, it was undeniable that it belonged to Yun Ziling.

Judging by the tone of her voice and the things she was saying, it was easy able to deduce that she must be shamelessly fawning over Jiang Henglin and pestering him again.

“Second Master, the hot springs located in the west wing is pretty good, plus its secluded.

Shall we head over there”

“If you want to go, head over there by yourself.

Im not free now,” Jiang Henglin snapped.

It was bad enough that he was being pestered by Yun Ziling the instant hed ended his meeting with some clients.

To have walked around the entire establishment with her, in hopes that he could shake her off at some point, but to no avail, was pushing him to his limits.

He was on the verge of losing his mind, seeing that she did not have any plans to leave, but instead wanted to continue tormenting him.

To make matters worse, Yun Zilings figure was not the most attractive.

Picturing her fleshy, chubby figure in a swimsuit was not at all appealing for Jiang Henglin, let alone for him to be imagining going for a soak with her.

The idea of it filled Jiang Henglin with disgust.

His mind was racing on the lines of…who would ever want to go to the hot springs with her It would just ruin my appetite.

After a pause in their conversation, a thought struck Jiang Henglin and he asked, “Wheres your sister Why isnt she with you”

“I dont know… She came with her friend so I doubt shell pay us any attention at all.

Anyway, dont you like hot springs If thats the case, I could accompany you to play golf.”

“The sun has already set.

How are we going to play golf Besides, do you even know how” Jiang Henglin responded sarcastically.

Then he shot Yun Ziling a glare and turned his back on her, heading off to the bar located on the second floor.

Yun Xi shot Yumo a look, and the two of them nodded at each other in their collusion.

“Yun Xi, lets go have a soak in the hot springs.

After thats finished, well be just in time for dinner.”

“All right! That sounds like a great plan.” Yun Xi nodded in agreement.

With that, the two of them headed off to their respective rooms.

Hearing Yun Xis voice, Jiang Henglin instantly turned his head to look.

Noticing that Yun Xi was heading toward her room, he followed in her direction.

“Second Master, where are you going”

Seeing Jiang Henglin turn around and head off in another direction, Yun Ziling quickened her steps and followed after him.

Unfortunately, she caught sight of Yun Xi and Zhao Yumos silhouettes in the distance ahead of her.

She stomped her feet in vexation, but regained her composure to try to catch up to Jiang Henglin.

Managing to catch a glimpse of Yun Xis room number, Jiang Henglin turned and headed off to his room.

However, upon noticing Yun Ziling following behind him, he stopped in his tracks.

“Go away! Why are you still following me Quit following me.

Didnt you want to go to the hot springs Hurry up and change.”

“Huh Oh, okay! Right, Ill immediately go change!” Realizing that Jiang Henglin had agreed to go to the hot springs with her, Yun Ziling quickly came to her senses.

Worried that he might decide to change his mind, she wasted no time and ran as fast as her legs would carry her back to her room to get dressed in her swimsuit.

The swimsuit Yun Xi was going to wear had been picked by Yumo.

It was a conservative one-piece swimsuit, with short sleeves and a little skirt.

What should be covered was covered, and what should not be covered had been more or less covered too.

Donning their bathrobes, the two ladies left for the west wing.

Within seconds of their departure, Jiang Henglin, situated on the floor above them, trailed after them as soon as he spotted them leaving their rooms.

Aware of the presence of two familiar figures tagging behind them, Yun Xi cast a smile at Yumo as she undid her bathrobe and speedily dipped into the hot spring.

“Sis Fancy meeting you guys here,” Yun Ziling uttered in disappointment.

Seeing her sister and Zhao Yumo soaking in the pool on her arrival, Yun Zilings face turned sour as she realized that spending one-on-one time with Jiang Henglin was now impossible.

“Why cant we be here Its not as if you own this place.”

Unable to think of a comeback, Yun Ziling bit her lips and glared at Yun Xi.

Dissatisfied, she turned to face Jiang Henglin.

Catching her off guard, Jiang Henglin had been casually untying his bathrobe behind her.

Yun Ziling held her breath and watched with wide eyes as Jiang Henglin slipped off his bathrobe.

Yun Xi and Yumo shot a glance at one another and, knowing what was to come, moved to turn their bodies so that their backs faced Jiang Henglin.

They did not wish to see what they were not supposed to.

Besides, some things are better left unseen.

Witnessing in person Jiang Henglins model-like figure: consisting of a broad chest, a chiseled core, and slender long legs, Yun Ziling could not help but be sent into a frenzy.

Her face blushed with embarrassment, and she gasped in awe, as she admired Jiang Henglins strong, toned, and sexy body standing right in front of her.

Jiang Henglin couldnt have cared less.

He nonchalantly strode to the opposite pool and sat in it as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Seeing Jiang Henglin entering the other pool, Yun Ziling followed after him, but then halted.

Jiang Henglin had given her a cold stare, and she comprehended what his look implied.

She stopped in her tracks and did not even dare move a step closer.

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