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Chapter 867: So Treacherous

Feeling dejected, Yun Ziling changed her direction and headed over to the pool Yun Xi was in.

Although she was physically in that pool, her heart was elsewhere.

With her eyes fixated on Jiang Henglin, she resembled a drunkard who had no interest in alcohol.

As the saying goes, her head was in the clouds.

Having no intention to deal with her sister, Yun Xi kept on discussing school topics with Zhao Yumo.

One moment it was Mathematics, functions, and equations, and the next it was English grammar rules.

Not having the tiniest bit of comprehension about the things they were discussing, Yun Ziling felt completely out of it.

The more she listened to their conversation, the more baffled she became.

Soon, she became so overwhelmed that it came to a point where she felt dizzy and her breathing became difficult as her chest tightened.

Darting a glance at Yun Ziling, Yun Xi noticed her heavy breathing.

She then splashed some water in her direction, in an attempt to snap her sister out of her dream about devouring Jiang Henglin.

“Yun Ziling, I suggest you hurry up and get out of the hot spring.

You cant soak in the hot spring for too long due to your heart disease.

Dont blame me if you end up fainting.”

“Thats none of your business!” Yun Ziling exclaimed in protest as she redirected her line of sight away from Jiang Henglin.

Frustrated with what Yun Xi had said, she shot her a death stare.

Her heart disease was a sensitive subject, and Yun Xi should not have brought it up in front of others, especially not with Jiang Henglin around.

Thinking that her sister had intentionally mentioned the fact that she had a disease in front of the person she liked, Yun Ziling could not help but think that Yun Xi was a treacherous wretched girl for doing so.

“Oh, I know.

You must be waiting for your beloved Second Young Master Jiang to carry you back when you faint.

If thats the case, my apologies.

Forget that I even said anything.”

Yun Xi sniggered and shouted to Jiang Henglin, who was sitting behind her, “Second Young Master Jiang, looks like Im going to have to trouble you if my younger sister faints later.”

“What has that got to do with me She is your sister, not mine!”

Without the slightest consideration for Yun Zilings feelings, Jiang Henglin answered Yun Xi nastily.

His humiliating and insulting response was a cold slap in the face for Yun Ziling.

That being said, this slap in the face was insufficient to make Yun Ziling realize that her love for Jiang Henglin was completely unrequited.

Instead of waking her from her obstinate determination that their love was mutual, it resulted in her taking out her anger on Yun Xi.

Yun Ziling acknowledged that Yun Xis heart was in the right place, but she was unable to accept the fact that she had spoken of her heart disease in front of Jiang Henglin.

By mentioning her disease to Jiang Henglin, it had put Yun Xis good intentions in a different light, making it difficult for Yun Ziling to look past what Yun Xi had done.

Making matters worse, Jiang Henglin had given a nasty reply, which clearly had been meant to be a cold slap in the face for her.

If Yun Xi had not opened her mouth and brought up the topic of her heart disease, Yun Ziling was positive Jiang Henglin would not have had the heart to leave her there in the event that she had fainted.

But now, Yun Xi had gone on to expose Yun Zilings little schemes and ulterior motives in front of Jiang Henglin.

Putting the fact that it was a mortifying experience for Yun Ziling aside, it was worse that Yun Xi had placed everyone on the spot and made her lose her dignity.

As such, Yun Ziling could not help but feel that Yun Xi was simply hateful.

“Sis, how could you say that”

“What did I say” Yun Xi asked with a sneer in her voice.

Signaling to Yomo with some sort of an eye signal, she proceeded to announce her departure, “Since Im not needed here, I shall head off to dinner.

You have an enjoyable soak, all right Oh, and just remember, dont blame me for not reminding you if you happen to faint later.”

Yun Xi had butted in out of good intentions when she noticed that Yun Ziling was putting herself on the path to ruin.

However, instead of being grateful, Yun Ziling had accused her of meddling in her business.

Coupled with the fact that her intervention had come to nothing, Yun Xi saw no reason for staying.

Yun Xi swiftly got out of the pool and wasted no time putting on her bathrobe.

Raising his eyes in an attempt to catch a glimpse of Yun Xi, Jiang Henglin only managed to lay eyes on a figure that was well wrapped up in a bathrobe.

Not bothering to even cast a glance at Jiang Henglin, Yun Xi left the west wing.

From the beginning to the end, Yun Xi had only spoken one line to him, and, to rub salt into his wounds, it had been spoken on behalf of her sister.

Thinking back to their encounter, it was clear that she completely disregarded his existence.

Replaying that thought over and over in his head made Jiang Henglins blood boil with rage.

He was not sure if it was the stuffiness of the hot springs or something else that resulted in this feeling, but, in any case, he just felt that nothing was going well, regardless of where or what he was referring to.

Feeling frustrated, Jiang Henglin stood up, picked up his bathrobe, and draped it over his body.

Without turning to say good-bye, he walked out the door.

On his way back to his room, he could not stop pondering about why he had chosen to put himself in this situation, let alone suffer such unjust treatment.

It was not as if Yun Xi, that wretched girl, fancied him.

“Wait for me, Second Young Master!” Yun Zilings never-say-die attitude kicked in, enabling her to pull through the setback shed suffered moments ago.

Unfortunately, luck was not on her side.

In a hurry to catch up to Jiang Henglin, she lost her balance and slipped, plunging right into the pool.

In a moment of panic and a desperate attempt to gasp for air, Yun Ziling gulped down mouthfuls of water.

Even her eyes turned red from choking.


Back in her room, Yun Ziling finally managed to clean herself up after what had felt like an eternity.

That being said, she continued to feel breathless and tight in her chest.

It was indeed true that she should not be soaking in the hot spring for a long time due to her heart disease.

In her defense, her initial plan had been to spend more time with Second Master, but she had not expected to have Yun Xi present wherever she and Jiang Henglin went.

Yun Xi, that wretched girl, what a pain in the neck.

And such an eyesore.

The more Yun Ziling thought about it, the angrier she got, and the harder it was for her to relieve the tightness in her chest.

However, not wanting to ruin her trip for the upcoming two days, she recalled that she had brought along some medication.

She quickly poured herself a glass of water, opened her pillbox, took out the pills, and swallowed them.

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