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Chapter 868: Yun Ziling Is Sick

Not long after dinner, Yun Xi and Yumo were preparing to go to the rest area on the second floor to discuss their upcoming assignments.

As they left the dining room, they heard Liang Xiuqin complaining to the staff at the front desk.

“My daughter had diarrhea for almost an hour after eating dinner at your restaurant.

You must have served her expired and spoiled food.

Is that how you treat your guests”

“We are really very sorry.

However, our kitchen uses only the freshest ingredients in preparing the meals, and our chefs are reputable chefs who we have engaged at high pay.

How could we serve customers with spoiled food Such a thing has never happened here before.

Madame, maybe your child consumed something that she shouldnt have.”

“My daughter said she didnt eat anything else except the dinner that was served here.

Are you trying to shirk your responsibilities”

“Many of our guests have also eaten the buffet dinner, and none of them have shown any symptoms of diarrhea.

Perhaps you could ask your daughter again what she might have taken, then we would be able to administer the right medicine.

We have some gastrointestinal medicine at the front desk…”

Yun Xi turned and looked at Yumo, immediately realizing what Liang Xinyi had done in Yun Zilings room.

They had all had the buffet for dinner, and none of them had gotten diarrhea, except for the unfortunate Yun Ziling.

This was not logical.

“What kind of attitude is this Now, my daughter has an upset stomach after dining at your clubhouse.

Of course, its your responsibility.”


Other guests started crowding around, watching the scene being caused by Liang Xiuqin.

When Yun Yuanfeng heard the commotion, he came out of his room with a dark countenance and headed to the front desk.

He grabbed hold of Liang Xiuqin.

“Thats enough! Your daughter must have eaten the wrong thing.

How could you blame it on the dinner We all ate the same dinner and none of us got diarrhea.”

Liang Xiuqins unrefined personality always brought him much disgrace wherever she went.

Yun Xi stepped forward and glanced at Liang Xiuqin.

Her moms typical pattern of having a trouble-seeking personality would definitely be a burden.

“Mom, we all ate the same dinner and have no problems.

Did Yun Ziling eat something wrong at home The Lin Xi Resort is a reputable club that only entertains a select group of people.

Why would the club invite trouble by doing such things If Yun Ziling is really not feeling well, you better go back home.

Take her to the hospital for a checkup and find out whats wrong.”

“No!” Liang Xiuqin thought of what Yun Ziling had said about Jiang Henglin being here.

She must seize this opportunity to get him to agree to marry Yun Ziling.

If she goes back now because of a small matter like diarrhea, she would miss this good opportunity.

She couldnt risk it.

Yun Xi saw the determined look in her mothers eyes and knew that both mother and daughter would disregard everything in order to achieve their goal.

In order to keep an eye on Yun Yuanfeng, and for the sake of her daughters bright future, they chose to stay even though Yun Ziling had already been purging for over an hour, really causing others to be shocked.

“It looks like this issue with Yun Ziling is not too serious, so just take some medicine back to her room and have her take it for the time being.

Its no use making a scene here.

You are embarrassing our family.”

Seeing the murmuring among the crowd, Yun Yuanfeng, who could not tolerate the embarrassment any longer, took the medicine and dragged Liang Xiuqin back to the room.

Yun Xi and Yumo followed along.

Yun Ziling, who had had diarrhea for over an hour, was likely to have eaten whatever stuff Liang Xinyi had left in her room.

Now, Liang Xiuqin would have to be in Yun Zilings room for the whole night to take care of her.

Now that Liang Xiuqin was out of the picture, the next step would be to do something to Yun Yuanfeng.

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