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Chapter 870: Its Going to Be a Great Show

The night passed quickly.

When Yun Xi left, Jiang Henglin realized that he had not read a single word of the reports in front of him.

When Yun Xi got back to her room, she turned on her laptop to watch the surveillance tapes.

She looked through most of it before finding Liang Xinyi.

Liang Xinyi and the caretaker of the Dongxiang Hot Springs entered it one after another.

When Liang Xinyi came back out, she had tidied herself up.

She then threw something that she had in her hand into a potted plant nearby.

Half an hour later, Yun Yuanfeng exited the Dongxiang Hot Springs.

Yun Xi glanced at Yumo.

“Yumo, go dig out the thing that Liang Xinyi threw into that flowerpot for me.”

“All right, wait here!” Zhao Yumo ran out of the room.

Yun Xi realized that Liang Xiuqin had not come out of Yun Zilings room at all.

She took a look at the time and saw that it was already 11:00 pm, and most people had already gone to sleep.

After a while, Zhao Yumo came back with the bottle that Liang Xinyi had left in the flowerpot.

“Yun Xi, I passed by the front desk just now on my way back.

Why did you request ice cubes to be sent to your father this late at night What is going on”

“I think he might have ingested whatever you are holding in your hand.”

Yun Xi took the small glass vial from Zhao Yumo.

She then took a cotton swab from her bag and swabbed the inside of the bottle.

Finally, she licked the swab briefly and spat it out into a tissue after considering it for a moment.

Looking at what Yun Xi had just done, Zhao Yumo was shocked.

“You really dare to put that thing into your mouth”

“Dont worry, I didnt swallow it.

Also, Liang Xinyi dared to empty the whole bottle into my fathers drink.

So it obviously wouldnt kill anyone.”

“Then do you know what it is Is it an aphrodisiac”

“The active ingredients are probably the same.

But aphrodisiac is just an academic name.

It actually contains a stimulant, with a hallucinogenic agent mixed in.

After ingestion, the person will feel really warm and excited.

The excitement will suppress ones judgment, so it is not a good thing to take.”

Yun Xi stood up and went to the bathroom.

She broke the small glass bottle into pieces before flushing it down the toilet.

“Yun Xi, come quickly and take a look!”

Zhao Yumo had been watching the surveillance tape on the laptop.

She immediately called Yun Xi to come over when she saw Chen Lixue standing at Yun Yuanfengs door with the ice cubes.

Yun Xi came forward to take a look, and it was just exactly as she had predicted.

Liang Xinyi had been responsible for drugging Yun Yuanfeng, and now Chen Lixue was showing up at his door.

With Yun Yuanfeng drugged and burning with passion, it was going to be a long night.

“My mother left all her toiletries in my fathers room.

It is going to be a great show when she finds Chen Lixue in my fathers bed.”

The two of them stared at the screen for more than half an hour, but they never saw Chen Lixue coming out of Yun Yuanfengs room.

Yun Xi couldnt help but yawn.

“Lets go to bed and get up tomorrow for the show.

Its going to be a long day.”

Zhao Yumo nodded.

Of course, it was really going to be a great show once Liang Xiuqin started making a scene in public.

Due to her bad case of diarrhea, Yun Ziling had been forced to run for the toilet the entire night and was about to collapse from exhaustion.

Liang Xiuqin stayed beside her the whole night, so of course she didnt sleep very well either.

Liang Xinyi also didnt sleep well..

She woke up early and kept her eyes on Yun Zilings room from around the corner, just in case Liang Xiuqin decided to go back to her room and spoiled their grand plan.

After all, it was still early, and there werent many guests around.

So even if Liang Xiuqin were to make a scene in public, it wouldnt cause a big commotion.

Liang Xinyi needed to stop Liang Xiuqin from returning to her room and get her to go back to Yun Zilings room.

However, Liang Xinyi had overestimated Liang Xiuqins tolerance.

Liang Xiuqin was drifting in and out of sleep, and since she hadnt slept well the night before, she ended up falling asleep in Yun Zilings room.

Yun Xi came out of her room and saw Liang Xinyi lurking sneakily behind a potted plant.

Yun Xis lips turned up into a smile.

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