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Chapter 87: The Future Wife of the Mu Family Heir

Saying that it was fine as long as it was fair and square made Li Zilan view Yun Xi in a new light.

When they flew back to Tianyu Mountain there were two more people and a bunch of snacks in the cabin.

Upon seeing a bunch of girly items, Li Zilan was disgusted.

She had never seen Young Marshal Mu, who had always been so aloof, act so intimate and doting toward anyone.

She was contemplating how she should train the little girl the entire way.

She couldnt stunt her growth or taint her innocence, and she had to be wary of Young Marshal Mus protectiveness.

Shed really received a hot potato, but for some reason she didnt want to throw it away.

When they arrived back at Tianyu Mountain, Yun Xi had to leave.

She had classes in the afternoon, so she had to rush off to school.

Mu Feichi asked the butler to move the stuff from the jet into the mansion and took the car key.

“I have informed your homeroom teacher and the principal that youre on the way.

Ill take you to school now.”

“No! Let me go by myself.

Young Marshal Mu, youre too noticeable.

I dont want everyone talking about it.”

Mu Feichi narrowed his eyes and seemed to think about what shed said.

Before he could speak, Su Hang spoke up.

“Boss, let me take her to school.

Im going to be taking the medicine to the Chen family anyway.”

Yun Xi thought about it and nodded.

“He can take me, no problem.”

Upon hearing her agree, Su Hang gloated.

“Boss, I never expected to be more popular than you.

How rare.”

Mu Feichi gave him an impatient glare.

“Hurry up and take her.”

“Okay.” Su Hang rarely saw the boss get rejected.

He took the car keys, and, like a well-mannered gentleman, he opened the door for Yun Xi.

After they drove down the mountain, Li Zilan turned to look at the brooding man next to her and asked warily, “Boss, are you serious”

Mu Feichi glanced at her nonchalantly.

“What do you mean”

“That girl.”

Mu Feichi remained impassive as he asked, “What are you trying to verify”

“What do you mean by verify All I want to know is what she means to you, Young Marshal Mu”

Today, Young Marshal Mu had broken many precedents for the sake of that girl.

“She is going to be the future wife of the Mu family heir.”

In one sentence, he expressed his stance.

And that girls position in his heart.

“I know now.” Nodding, Li Zilan felt somewhat surprised, but shed also somewhat expected it.

“If the boss thinks she is the one, then she has to have the talent and competence to be worthy of you.

It wont be easy being the wife of the Mu family heir.

At the moment, she isnt yet strong enough to stand by your side.”

“Therefore, you have to work hard.”

Li Zilan raised her eyebrows, her heavy eye makeup giving her an alluring air.

She pursed her red lips.

“You better not pity her boss.”

Mu Feichis eyes seemed to gleam.

“She is an ambitious girl.

In the future, she will surpass you.”

“Dont be so confident in her so early.

If I break her, then that will be a slap in the face to you.”

“Dont worry.

I will leave the second mountain empty for you to train starting this Saturday.”

Mu Feichi scoffed softly and haughtily turned around to go back into his mansion.

“How over the top!” In order to train the girl, his highness has really lost his mind.

Li Zilan shook her head, then turned around and drove her car down the mountain.

Outside Jingdu High School, Yun Xi got out of the car.

She had made an appointment with Su Hang to go to his laboratory on Thursday afternoon.

In exchange for him helping her with the medicine, shed promised to reenact the emergency operation shed done on the train for him.

Both were medical enthusiasts.

They wished that they had met each other sooner.

They couldnt stop talking about medicine and pharmacology.

“Then stay safe, and I will wait for you across the street on Thursday.”


Thank you for helping me with this matter.

Thank you for the medicine.”

“No need to thank me, we should help each other.”

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