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Chapter 871: Liang Xiuqins Fury

“Cousin, what are you doing here so early in the morning” Yun Xi called out, frightening Liang Xinyi so much that she shrieked and stepped backward, knocking into a bonsai that was behind her.

“Yun Xi, what are you doing here” Liang Xinyi asked in a guilty voice as she stood up.

Her eyes dodged Yun Xis gaze as she came out from behind the bonsai.

“Were going to eat breakfast.

What are you doing here”

“Im going to eat breakfast too.

I just thought the leaves on this bonsai looked really special so I was admiring them.”

“Oh, okay then, enjoy.

Well head down for breakfast.”

Yun Xi turned and pulled Zhao Yumo along with her toward the restaurant.

It was perfect that Liang Xinyi was watching the place for her.

She was worried that the show wouldnt be as good without her uncles arrival.

After breakfast, Yun Xi messaged Jiang Chenghuan and asked him where he was.

She calculated the time before going back upstairs.

When she passed Yun Zilings room, the first thing she saw was Liang Xinyi stopping Liang Xiuqin.

“Aunt, the kitchen said we can make porridge there ourselves or get a chef to cook it and send it over.

Yun Zilings diarrhea has really made her stomach uncomfortable, so she should eat something like porridge.

You could go down there to see what they have.

Ive also asked the front desk manager, and she said they would pay special attention to it.”

“All right!” Liang Xiuqin barely glanced at her.

She had gotten practically no sleep for the entire night and looked as though she had aged several years.

She didnt bother conversing with Liang Xinyi and just turned to go toward the kitchen.

When Yun Xi passed by Yun Yuanfengs room, she glanced at it before pushing lightly on the door.

It was locked.

In order to achieve her objective, Chen Lixue would definitely cooperate with Liang Xinyi.

When Yun Yuanfeng was about to wake up, she would open the door and let Liang Xiuqin barge in.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo returned to their room by another route.

After the whole ordeal today, they would likely have to pack up and go home, so now was a good time to pack up their belongings.

The surveillance footage on the laptop screen had been on all along.

As Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo sat there watching it, they only stood up from their chairs when they saw Liang Xiuqin push open the door of Yun Yuanfengs room and enter.

Soon after, they saw Liang Xiuqin yelling and screeching as she pushed the half-dressed Chen Lixue out of the room, bringing the conflict into the corridor.

The show had begun.

Yun Xi winked at Yumo and the two quickly left the room.

“F*cking b*tch! I knew you werent up to any good!” Liang Xiuqin was holding a suitcase and smacking Chen Lixue with it hysterically.

The shouting alerted the guests in the other rooms as well, and they opened their doors one after another to peer out at the show.

Just as Yun Xi reached the area, Yun Ziling and Liang Xinyi rushed over as well.

When Liang Xinyi saw that Liang Xiuqin was smacking Chen Lixue like she was going insane, she ran over in a panic.

“Mom, are you all right” She turned her head and shouted at Liang Xiuqin as she tried to protect Chen Lixue.

“Aunt, why are you beating up my mom”

“You little b*tch, youre just as slutty as your mother.

Its all your fault.

If it hadnt been because of you, what would this f*cking b*tch be doing at our house How dare she seduce my husband Ill kill her!”

Yun Ziling immediately understood what had happened and rushed forward to help Liang Xiuqin pull Liang Xinyi away so that she could continue beating on Chen Lixue.

Yun Xi walked over and glanced at the still befuddled Yun Yuanfeng.

All this clamoring had finally woken him up.

“Mom, calm down.

We can talk this out.”

“What is there to talk about Look at the good deed youve done, keeping this f*cking b*tch here.

Very good, now shes even gotten into your dads bed! Are you happy now”

Whoever rushed up instantly became a sacrifice to Liang Xiuqins fury, especially Yun Xi.

The fire of wrath and envy in the gaze she directed toward Yun Xi could have nearly burned her into ashes.

If she hadnt gotten Chen Lixue to stay, none of this filthy cr*p would have happened today.

It was her.

It was all her fault.

Yet she had forgotten that Yun Xi had given them a choice back then.

It was Liang Xiuqin who had wanted the money from Liang Xinyi, and that was why shed gotten Chen Lixue to stay.

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