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Chapter 874: Caught in Bed

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All of a sudden, the fire alarm started sounding in the clubhouse.

Hearing the alarm, those who hadnt realized what had happened started running out, one after another, and as they ran they shouted, “Theres a fire!”

The moment Jiang Henglin heard the wails of the fire alarm, his feelings of pride and anticipation instantly turned sour.

This was exactly the method that hed thought of.

He hadnt expected that Yun Xi would guess it when he hadnt even said anything yet.

Everyone quickly left the building.

Jiang Chenghuan nodded at Yun Xi and turned to go find Zhao Yumo, who had activated the alarm.

Now only the two families were left in the corridor glaring at each other.

“Dad, Uncle, lets go inside to talk.

Its seriously too embarrassing.

All the customers here are either rich or powerful.

Some could even be your competitors.

If they use this against you, youll be dragged down.”

To Yun Yuanfeng, there was nothing in this world that was more important than his career, so the first way he thinks to deal with any problem is to figure out how to keep his position.

When the door was closed in the bedroom and Liang Weimin looked at the mess, all he could think about was Chen Lixues betrayal of him and how he had been humiliated.

Soon, a revolting feeling started to swell up inside of him.

“Yun Yuanfeng, how did you get together with this wh*re”

“I have absolutely no idea what happened.” Yun Yuanfengs eyes were full of guilt.

He still remembered what had happened last night.

It had been like a strange fire burning inside of him that made him lose all control.

He was not the type who usually lost his self-control, but last night hed felt a desperate need to vent himself.

It had been an empty feeling, and he had been unable to control himself.

Especially when Chen Lixue had suddenly appeared in front of him with her bathrobe half-off… The moment hed seen her naked chest, his entire body had gone crazy.

Undeniably, Chen Lixue had maintained her figure better than Liang Xiuqin.

Despite living in the countryside, she hadnt become rough or lost her shine.

In fact, she had become even more attractive.

Back in the day, if he hadnt slept with Liang Xiuqin and had had to take responsibility for that, he would have definitely chosen Chen Lixue instead.

However, being caught in bed with someone elses wife like this made him feel extremely mortified.

Especially when Liang Weimin had suddenly appeared when he was least prepared.

“You dont know what happened You slept with someone elses woman, and now youre telling me you dont know what happened”

Liang Xiuqin thought he would at least try to explain himself, but looking at the dodgy expression in his eyes, hes clearly feeling guilty.

They had been married for so many years, and of course she could see through his lies.

But this lie amplified her panic, and a seed of suspicion was planted and started to bloom hysterically.

She started having all sorts of strange ideas.

This time she had caught them in bed, but what about before this

And that day when hed gone to bring Chen Lixue back, he hadnt returned home.

Did they get together back then

Various doubts and suspicions immediately ignited Liang Xiuqins fury.

She had tried every method imaginable to stop this from happening, yet Chen Lixue had still managed to slip through the cracks.

And now this wh*re had slipped right into Yun Yuanfengs bed.

However, she just found it unfathomable that Yun Yuanfeng would betray her, even though they were fighting to the point of wanting to get divorced.

He still wouldnt abandon her, would he

Shed guarded and defended her marriage for so long.

When had he actually gotten the chance to get together with Chen Lixue

And looking at Yun Yuanfengs attitude toward Chen Lixue and her daughter, it seemed that there wasnt much love or feelings toward them.

This could only mean that it was that wh*re Chen Lixue who had been shamelessly fawning over him.

So what happened last night could only be the fault of Chen Lixue, who somehow had flagrantly seduced her husband.

The more she thought about it, the more she couldnt accept it.

She turned toward Liang Weimin with her face filled with a resentful

expression, “Look at how shameless your wife is.

We in the Yun family took her in, and look at what shes done! I cant believe she did something so shameless.”

“Your husband is the same!” Liang Weimin was still filled with rage that he had nowhere to vent.

These two siblings felt exactly the same after encountering a situation like this.

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