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Chapter 875: Who Should Take Responsibility

Abetted by Liang Xiuqins hysterical screams and erratic, aggressive behavior, the quarrel once again turned into a chaotic fight.

Yun Xi sat on a chair by the window and moved a table over to block herself from the action as she watched the brawl between the four adults without expression.

Yun Ziling knew she couldnt be of any help, so she hid in a corner.

Liang Xinyi, on the other hand, was absolutely fine.

In fact, she was happy to see them making an even bigger mess out of the situation.

She had staged the entire show today, and, although her dad coming here hadnt been part of the plan, she had expected the rest to happen.

Liang Xiuqin and Chen Lixue were grabbing at one anothers hair and tearing away.

The two mens attitudes toward one another had changed from their previous mutual respect to mutual detestation now.

But, after all, they werent as impulsive as the women, so they just watched impassively from the sidelines.

Neither of them intervened.

After watching them fight for quite a while, Yun Xi glanced at Liang Xiuqin, whose hair was a mess and who looked like a hobo, then at Chen Lixue, who even had scratches on her face.

Neither was any better than the other.

Shed never seen such a fight between a mans wife and his mistress in her previous life.

This was a first in the two lives that shed lived.

“Liang Xiuqin, Yun Yuanfeng doesnt love you at all.

If he loved you, he wouldnt have gone to the hotel with me that day when he brought me back to the Yun family.

Since Liang Weimin is here, you two siblings can haul your *sses back to the countryside.


Yun shouldve been me from the beginning.

The Directors wife should also be me.”

“B*tch! Ill kill you!” If Chen Lixue hadnt mentioned all this, Liang Xiuqin would still have been able to lie to herself to feel better about this whole ordeal.

Yet she had brought it up, and her words matched up exactly to Liang Xiuqins suspicions.

The truth was like a tight slap across her face!

Extremely exasperated, Liang Xiuqin grabbed the lamp on the bedside table and moved toward Chen Lixue.

Chen Lixue became frightened and quickly hid behind Yun Yuanfeng.

“Liang Xiuqin, stop it!” Yun Yuanfeng shouted.

Then, just as he was about to dodge the lamp, Yun Xi quietly pushed Chen Lixue from behind, which made her lose her balance.

She grabbed onto Yun Yuanfeng to regain her balance, which caused his reaction to be slightly delayed trying to dodge the lamp.

The lamp, wielded by Liang Xiuqin, smashed right onto Yun Yuanfengs head.

CRASH! The glass lampshade shattered as it crashed onto Yun Yuangfengs head, and fresh red blood started to drip down from the side of his head.

“Hubby…” Realizing that she had smashed the lamp onto the wrong person, Liang Xiuqin gasped and ran over.

“F*ck off!” Yun Yuanfeng pressed his hand onto his wound and shoved Liang Xiuqin away, as he yelled, “Liang Xiuqin, look at yourself right now.

You look like an insane shrew.

Keep making a fuss, and Ill divorce you.

I have no need to deal with this marriage anymore.”

“Hubby, I didnt do it on purpose…” She hadnt expected that b*tch Chen Lixue to hide behind her husband.

It was all her fault.

It was all because of this shameless wh*re.

“Dad, Mom, please stop making a scene.

The issue has already happened, please just think of a way to settle it.

If you want to get divorced or send Aunt back to the countryside, its fine with me.

You adults settle it among yourselves.”

Yun Xi chose this moment to stand up.

“Im going to go back now with Yumo.

You guys talk it out.”

She paused and looked at her uncle, the most innocent of the people standing here.

She sighed and said,Uncle, come have a meal at our place if youre free.”

Liang Weimin looked toward Yun Xi and nodded with his brows locked tightly together.

With all this cr*p happening, how could he still be in the mood to go to visit the Yun family

When she passed by Liang Xinyi, Yun Xi patted her on the shoulder and looked at her with a strange expression as if she were hinting at something.

Her mysterious gaze made Liang Xinyi feel apprehensive.

“Cousin, try to persuade Aunt, that with something like this happening, Im afraid you two cant be staying at the Yun family home anymore.

Whether you go back with Uncle or move out yourselves, let me know when youve figured it out.”

“Yun Xi, your dad did something like this, shouldnt he take responsibility for it”

Yun Xi smiled as if shed heard some joke, and she scoffed, “Your mom had an affair with a married man and shamelessly tried to get herself involved in someone elses marriage.

Who should be responsible for that”

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