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Chapter 881: Determined to Win

After the last test, Yun Xi and Yumo cheerily walked out of the examination hall.

It had been many years since Yun Xi had last experienced such a tense atmosphere.

When her hopeful class teacher saw her coming out, he anxiously asked her how she had fared on the examination; Yun Xi smiled lightly and said, “As usual.”

Normally, the calmer she was, the more surprises she would have for her results.


Xu had already gotten used to this.

He told her to go home and have a good rest.

Just as they stepped out of the school gates, Zhou Chengzhe stopped them.

“Yun Xi, the top scholar of Jingdu High School will be me.

I will not lose to you.

You just wait and see.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and chuckled, coldly looking at Zhou Chengzhe, whose expression was full of indignant anger.

He had become completely obsessed about beating her.

“Zhou Chengzhe, your vision is too short-sighted.

Jingdu High School is not the only high school in Jingdu.

Whats the point of competing with me alone Perhaps the top student in Attached Middle School will become the top scholar Theres a man beyond man, and a heaven beyond heaven.

You are so materialistic.

Whats the use of beating me when you could still lose to others The vanity of being the best is really tempting, but isnt it just vainglory”

“For you, its vainglory, but not for me.

Dont think of yourself as so high and mighty!”

Without all these vainglories, would she have such glory now Would her teachers and classmates treat her differently

Even if it was just vainglory, it was still necessary.

“I have never thought myself to be high and mighty.

The examination is over now; you dont have to treat me as an enemy anymore.

I hope I dont have to be classmates with you in the future.”

“As you wish, because I too dont wish to see you ever again either!”

When he met her again, it would be for a battle of life and death.

He had had too many defeats.

He could not afford to lose anymore.

And Yun Xi was much more difficult to deal with than he had expected.

An off-road vehicle with a military region number plate had been parked at the school gates for a while.

The man in the car glanced at the figure that had stopped at the gate.

His cold-eyed gaze quickly turned a little complex, but soon deepened.

A deep, low voice emanated from within the car, “Qi Yuan, go and get her.”

“Yes, boss!”

Qi Yuan, who was dressed in a combat camouflaged uniform, opened the door and got out.

He took off his jacket, leaving only his light green T-shirt and camouflage trousers.

The awe-inspiring and formidable aura of a soldier immediately drew the attention of the students and their parents who were gathered at the school gates.

“Miss Yun,” Qi Yuans words interrupted whatever Zhou Chengzhe had been about to say.

He turned and looked at the tall, formidable soldier beside him.

He felt terrified and helpless for a moment.

A soldier!

Yun Xi lived in the villas.

It wouldnt be unusual for her to know some soldiers.

But this soldier in front of him was different from those he had seen in the past.

He was surrounded by an intimidating aura, which was more nerve-wracking than those of any ordinary soldiers.

Ones destiny was determined by ones birth.

The family background and connections, all that he strived so hard to achieve, Yun Xi had already had.

This was the difference between him and her.

“Qi Yuan, why are you here” Yun Xi was surprised to see him.

She looked up and glanced beyond him and saw the off-road vehicle as she had expected.

The windshield was covered with a layer of reflective film, so she could not see if there was anyone in the car.

She looked up with uncertainty and asked softly, “Is he in the car”

“Yes! Please get in the car.”

“Okay, well…” Yun Xi nodded, turned, and looked toward Yumo, who was waving her hand to shoo her off quickly.

“Ill go first, take care when you go home.”

“Go ahead! My driver is here.”

Zhou Chengzhe made his move as soon as Yun Xi left.

Qi Yuan opened the car door just as he passed by.

He looked into the car and saw a tall figure sitting within.

The door was closed before he could get a clearer look.

That was so enviable!

Yun Xi had so many connections that she could use as unofficial channels, but she still wanted to compete with him, how heinous!

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