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Chapter 883: A Birthday

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With just one sentence she had completely blocked a certain someones attempt at flirting.

Mu Feichi looked a little disgruntled, and he stared at her with a stiff expression on his handsome face as he went silent.

Yun Xi then remembered that today was his birthday, and she felt bad that she had rejected him so cruelly.

She reached out and touched his face, moving closer to him with a half-smile as she asked, “Its quite late already.

Are we going to eat or go home”

“You rejected me, so Im sad now.

Just go home!” Mu Feichi snorted and raised his hand to push her away.

Yun Xi could instantly tell that he was faking, She didnt feel like dealing with this drama queen right now.

She sat back in her seat, and they both stopped talking as Qi Yuan drove the car back to the villa residences.

Qi Yuan couldnt figure out what had happened between the two of them.

It had all been fine and dandy just a minute ago.

Why had the atmosphere suddenly become so strange

Once the car stopped at the gates of the residences, Yun Xi opened the door and hurried out, sprinting into the compound.

As she ran, she peered left and right, as if afraid that others would see her.

Mu Feichi shook his head helplessly, his brows locked tightly together as he stared at the sprinting figure, “Ungrateful little girl!”

When Yun Xi reached home, she immediately went upstairs, put down her backpack and changed her clothes before coming down.

As she hurriedly changed her shoes, she told her auntie, “Auntie, we have a graduation party tonight, so Im going to the Zhao family home to meet my classmate.

If Dad and Mom ask about it, just tell them that if it gets too late tonight then I wont come back home.

Ill stay at my classmates place.”

“Is it the Young Madame of the Zhao family”

“Yes, just tell my parents that, theyll know.”

“All right! Just be careful, young lady.

Dont drink too much alcohol.”

“Dont worry, I know!” After shed changed her shoes, Yun Xi dashed out of the compound and boarded the last bus toward the downtown area.

It took her quite a bit of searching before she found a decent bakery.

After negotiating and paying in advance, Yun Xi finally managed to convince the shop owner to let her enter the kitchen with the pastry chef.

She wanted to make the cake herself.

As she was baking the cake, she called the Mu Mansions butler.

She told him that no matter what happened, he had to make sure that Mu Feichi didnt leave before she got up to the mountain.

It was really quite a headache for the butler to stop Mu Feichi from leaving, while at the same time keeping the reason a secret in order to give him a surprise, but he gladly agreed to her request.

It had been many years since someone had properly celebrated the Young Masters birthday.

This girl was thoughtful enough to do it, and the Young Master had also chosen this very day to come back.

Today was clearly a special day.

A special day would of course deserve a special celebration.

The cake came out of the oven.

Yun Xi used peanut butter and baked coconut strips in its layers, and garnished it with freshly baked and crushed peanuts.

The greasiness of cream was absent, replaced instead by the fragrance of peanuts.

This cake was different from normal cakes.

While it looked rather unremarkable, it was made entirely according to Mu Feichis tastes and likings.

Even if he didnt like sweet foods, he would at least take a few bites for her sake.

When she put the cake in a box, the chef asked her how many candles she needed.

She pondered for a little and only took a candle with the number three.

Mu Three-Years-Old.

It would be like this every year in the future.

All Yun Xi wanted was for him to retain his pure innocence.

She flagged a taxi to the sentry post of the Mu Mansion.

The taxi wasnt allowed to go up the mountain, so she had to call Qi Yuan to come down and fetch her.

Qi Yuan looked at the cake box that she was carrying and laughed a little.

“At least you still have a good conscience.

The Young Commander specially rushed back to see you today, yet you acted like you knew nothing about his birthday.

He was so sad.”

“He came all the way back.

I have to surprise him.”

Yun Xi looked out the windows and asked casually, “Doesnt anyone celebrate his birthday with him”

“When Madame was still alive, shed always celebrate with him.

But now that shes gone, the Young Commander is always away in the military.

His comrades will get the cookhouse squad to cook him a bowl of noodles, but thats pretty much it.

One year I remember we were on an ambush mission out in the fields, and we celebrated the Young Commanders birthday by opening up an extra can.”

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