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Chapter 885: Longevity Noodles

The next instant, before she could even react, her whole body was tugged into a firm embrace.

Because he had just showered, there was a fresh, minty smell of shampoo on him.

It was clean and pure, and it seemed like the odor of an upright man who reminded her of the shining sun.

It was the kind of smell that would make you feel a sense of security, which only a good man could.

“Let go of me, the noodles are going to burn…”

In spite of her remonstrances, the hand around her waist got tighter as Mu Feichi pressed her close.

His body and hers got so close and snug that they could feel every inch of each others existences.

It felt as though he was trying to merge her into himself.

He tugged forcefully at her, and Yun Xi could feel that she had bumped into something stiff and hard.

Her body instantly stiffened, and she drew a deep breath, as she gasped, “Let go of…mmmm…”

The rest of her words were swallowed by Mu Feichis lips.

Mu Feichi could no longer bear the flirting of this naughty little devil who he was holding onto right now, and he didnt want to bear it.

He unhesitatingly kissed her lips, bit and nibbled on them without holding back.

It was as though this was the only way that he could clearly see that she was right there by his side, that she was so close to him and would never stray far.

His kisses were like raindrops in a storm, a little rough, and didnt leave her any space to breathe.

The heat between the two of them who were stuck together rose higher and higher and gradually started to ignite a wild emotion inside of them.

Yun Xi was kissed dizzy by him, until she was finally able to squeeze out a bit of composure.

She raised her trembling hands and pushed softly on the mans chest, which felt like a fortified wall of steel.

Through his robe, she could feel the burning heat of his chest, and that burn caused her to quiver a little.

Feeling that she was struggling, he grabbed both her hands and raised them over her head, and suddenly turned toward the door.

He pushed her forcefully against the wall as the kisses came raining down again.

But just this little pause allowed her to clear her mind a little, and she immediately raised up her knee to push against the inner side of his thigh.

He had expected this struggle, and he casually dodged her attack.

His deep voice sounded from above her head, “Babe, are you trying to murder your dear husband”

His voice was a little husky because of his excitement, yet it appeared exceedingly lethargic and sexy.

Mu Feichi lowered his head and pushed her against the door, his deep gaze laced with a smiling expression.

His face was calm and composed like still water, but the burning heat in his eyes revealed that he was worked up almost beyond self-control.

Yun Xi reached out and pushed away his face that was continuing to come closer and closer again.

Her face was so red and hot that it felt like it was about to explode.

She finally freed herself from him and sprinted to the stove to turn off the fire.

She scooped out the noodles that were nearly overcooked, put the sunny-side-up egg which shed cooked earlier onto them and drizzled it all with heated garlic sauce.

The fragrance of the dish instantly wafted through the air.

“Quick, come and eat the noodles!” She lowered her head and darted past him with the bowl.

Even her ears were red.

Mu Feichi leaned lightly on the door frame, his eyes looking downward at her as he smiled slightly.

He felt as though his heart was melting into water.

He felt so soft and moved by her.

It was almost as if he had just downed a pint of pure sugar syrup.

He stood up straight and walked toward the dining room table.

When he saw the single noodle with its uneven thickness inside the bowl, he was startled a little.

A faint melancholy flashed across his deep dark eyes, but it was soon overtaken by the smiling joy on his face.

“Its been a long time since Ive eaten longevity noodles that look like this, turns out my babys cooking is as good as my moms.”

“…” Once he said that, Yun Xi came to understand something.

The wife of the commander back in the day had probably made the same longevity noodles for him.

Now that she was gone, the noodles that others had brought to him were probably all of an even thickness, unlike this kind, a single connected but uneven noodle that anyone could tell wasnt made by an expert.

Yun Xi hadnt realized that this would trigger Mu Feichis memories.

She rubbed his head with a bit of embarrassment and said, “Eat, I only know how to make this.

Im not as good as the head chef of your mansion.”

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