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Chapter 887: A Proud Woman

Mu Feichi woke up exactly as dawn broke.

He sat on the bed and looked at the person sleeping beside him.

His eyes were filled with a deep look as the reluctance to leave her filled his heart.

Even if he couldnt bear to leave, or even if he had wanted to stay longer, he would still have had to leave to go back to the training grounds.

Although it was not an absolute must for him to be there today, the longer he stayed, the more he would eventually never want to leave.

If he waited until she woke up, he would be overwhelmed once he saw her eyes.

With a faint sigh, he leaned forward to kiss Yun Xi gently on her forehead and whispered, “Babe, wait for me to get back.”

After all the training and drills had ended, he would have time to do things with her.

Since she had an entire summer vacation free, he knew he would be able to make time for her.

Mu Feichi didnt forget to take the cake Yun Xi had made when he was leaving.

Qi Yuan held back his laughter when he saw his commander holding a cake like it was something precious.

“Sir, how was the cake Miss Yun made”

“Why You want to try it” Mu Feichi replied casually.

“No, its for you.

I dont need any.”

“I had no intention to give you any either.”

‘Look at this guy.

Hes like a foolish emperor, deeply in love.

Everything he does and everything he says concerning her are so childish and silly.

No matter how well Mu Feichi thought he had it planned, its a pity that life will always intervene.

A few days after Mu Feichi left, Yan Shuo came to look for Yun Xi.

Yun Xi wasnt surprised as shed been expecting him.

She was only glad that Mu Feichi had left, so her leaving with Yan Shuo wouldnt become a problem.

“How long will this trip take”

“You wont miss the start of university.

Its all depends on your ability and how well you can understand me.

Lets see how much you can learn from me in three months.”

Yan Shuo had spent many years nurturing a young commander of Jun Country.

If he could do the same for her, she would definitely become a woman who Jun Country could be proud of.

“All right, I understand.

Can you give me two days to make some arrangements about my family matters”

“No problem.

In two days, your family wont be able to hear from you for a while.

They will only hear news of you from other people.”

“Understood.” Yun Xi nodded.

She alighted from the car and walked toward her residence.

While she was walking, she thought about all the arrangements she needed to make and the excuses she needed for her departure.

However, there were some other things that were not for her to worry about.

With her second aunt taking care of the house, she wouldnt need to worry about Liang Xiuqin going around and creating trouble.

Liang Xinyi would take the time to attend some courses for socialites, so she probably wouldnt have time to be doing any other things.

Even if she did, it would all be within Yun Xis control.

When Yun Xi got home, she found time to talk to Yun Yuanfeng about going overseas for a three-month exchange program.

As she had just won an award, Yun Yuanfeng wouldnt think too much about her going on an overseas exchange program.

Yan Shuo had also made arrangements with Yun Xis school.

So that when they informed her family about her college entrance examination results, the news about going on an exchange given by the school would be the same as Yun Xi had mentioned.

The only person who knew her actual plans was Yun Xis second aunt, so that Yun Xi would still be able to send news home from time to time.

After Yun Xi had made all the necessary arrangements, she packed some clothes and left.

Since it was summer, she didnt need too many clothes, which saved her the hassle of explaining herself.

With a backpack and in just a T-shirt with short sleeves, a pair of shorts, and sneakers, Yun Xi left the house.

Yun Yuanfeng personally took her to the airport.

Then, for the first time in many years, he softly reminded Yun Xi to take care.

He was acting so caring that Yun Xi found it hard to believe he was the same father who had once sent her to please a high-ranking official.

Once she turned the corner to where Yun Yuanfeng could not see, she walked in another direction.

Yan Shuo was already waiting for her in a nearby parking area.

Yun Xi got into the car and looked at the man in casual clothes beside her.

She couldnt help but ask, “Instructor Yan, where are we going to go first”

With a pair of sunglasses on his face, Yan Shuo turned and said casually, “The weather is so warm now.

How about we go somewhere even warmer where we can get a suntan”

“All right!” Yun Xi agreed readily without asking any more questions.

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