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Chapter 888: Mu Feichi as Target

She had chosen this path herself, and she had already mentally prepared herself when she stepped out of the gates of the Yun family home.

If she wanted to become stronger, if she wanted to be worthy of standing beside Mu Feichi, then all of her hard work and sacrifices would determine the height at which she would be standing in the end.

The mode of transport that Yan Shuo chose wasnt a plane; it was a train.

When he said it was a very hot place, Yun Xi roughly had an idea of where it was.

She didnt ask anything more and instead just followed his decisions.

The train went westward.

Yun Xi sat in the train, and as she looked out the window at her surroundings zooming past, her heart gradually quieted down.

Yan Shuo barely talked to her the entire way.

Of course, the topics that they needed to discuss werent suitable for discussion in a public place.

So she might as well calm herself down and read those books that Mu Feichi had left for her.

“Instructor Yan, how was the Young Commander when he trained under you back in the day”

Seeing how Mu Feichi was today must have made Yan Shuo proud.

Mu Feichi had probably surpassed his own teacher.

“Him Hes a natural-born soldier and also a natural-born pain in the ass!”

Yan Shuo got up from the sleeping berth of the sleeping car and walked into the corridor, while Yun Xi sat on a chair on the other side of the aisle.

When he spoke about those years when Mu Feichi had trained under him, Yan Shuos voice was filled with pride and a sense of achievement.

This soldier who he was most proud of and who at the same time gave him the most headache had never let him down after finishing his training.

Now that he had attained the rank of the number one Young Commander in the entire military and had achieved military merits comparable to his father, he truly felt proud of him whenever he was mentioned.

“He entered the battlefield with his father at a very young age.

Although it was rather cruel of his father to send him so young, those years were the best training for him.

Otherwise, there wouldnt be just one Young Commander in the entire country.

The things he has experienced are different from what ordinary soldiers experience.

In this generation, there are very few who are equal to him, experiencing actual life-threatening combat and running through live rounds from such a young age.”

Yun Xi agreed, as the Young Commander, Mu Feichis military merit wasnt something that any ordinary person could compare with.

“Moreover, he was more talented than any others.

Among my many students, in terms of strategizing and astuteness, even his method of doing things, hes outstanding in all of them.

If you want to make him your target to work toward, it wont be easy.

Youll have to exceed your former self in many ways.

First, you must allay your concerns over life and death.”

“I understand.” Yun Xi nodded, she knew this very well.

After experiencing life and death, she was still a bit fearful of death in this life, but at least she felt a bit more balanced in her heart.

“Well go all the way west to the most remote area.

We may have to spend this entire month in the desert.

You should prepare yourself mentally.”


The news that Yun Xi had left with Yan Shuo reached Mu Feichis ears on the second day.

When they received the news, Qi Yuans hand that was holding the phone trembled uncontrollably.

The thing that the Young Commander most didnt want to see had still happened in the end, and it had happened when he wasnt in Jingdu.

Instructor Yan was clearly seizing the opportunity when he wasnt there to abduct her.

He knew exactly about the Young Commanders personality.

How could he tell the Young Commander about something like this

Qi Yuan felt a huge headache the moment he thought about how he would be the sacrifice to the Young Commanders fury later on.

Qi Yuan stepped into the tent and looked at the person who was standing in front of the surveillance screen, and he took a deep breath before walking forward.

“Young Commander, its bad news…”

The moment Qi Yuan said that, Mu Feichi turned around, Li Zilan and Grey Wolf raised their heads, and everyone looked toward Qi Yuan.

Mu Feichi looked at him and bellowed, “Speak!”



“What happened to her Stop mumbling! Hurry up and finish what you want to say.”

When it came to anything to do with Yun Xi, Mu Feichis patience always seemed to be very small.

“Instructor Yan has taken Ms.

Yun away, and no one knows where exactly he has taken her.

I have already told the intelligence department to investigate it, but, as you know, he was your trainer, and its not going to be easy to find his whereabouts…”

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