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Chapter 895: No More Fear

Country S was a tropical country located in South Asia.

When Yun Xi and Yan Shuo arrived in Country S, the weather was cloudy and it started to rain soon.

Yun Xi and Yan Shuo didnt have any guns on them for this wildlife survival training.

They had only brought along the absolute necessities.

Yun Xi had carefully checked through her backpack to ensure that she had all the things required for when they were out in the wild.

After checking, she looked at Yan Shuo to show she was ready.

He warned her: “You must be prepared before entering the jungle with me.

The moment we finish the food we have, or if we get lost in the jungle, we will have to face the most brutal challenges, so eating insects and snakes wouldnt be uncommon.

To survive, one has to do whatever it takes.”

Yan Shuo felt that he must make it clear to Yun Xi how difficult this was going to be before entering the jungle.

After training for more than two months with Yun Xi, Yan Shuo had found that she was more intelligent than hed thought she was.

From an improvement in her physical fitness to the flexible use of all the skills learned, shed managed to achieve success a lot faster than hed expected,

Yan Shuo had not been wrong about her.

Yun Xi had indeed lived up to his expectations, and she was definitely qualified to stand beside Mu Feichi.

With them joining hands, there would definitely be a brand-new scene in Jun Country and the Mu family in the future.

Yun Xi nodded.

She tied up her hair and put on a cap, saying, “I understand!”

After two months of training, Yun Xi had gotten a tan on her delicate pale face.

Her bright, clear eyes were sharper and more tenacious than before.

When Yun Xi looked straight into peoples eyes, one would be able to feel her aggressiveness.

It was enough to make people fearful.

Two months ago, she had probably still been a delicate, soft-hearted heiress of the Yun family.

But now, all of these soft qualities had been smoothed out.

After going through the brutal training, she gradually had acquired the composure of a soldier.

She also exuded an awe-inspiring aura, which made her seem exceptionally brave and heroic.

Holding onto her bag tightly, Yun Xi looked out of the car window.

She saw that the heavy rain had stopped, and bright sunlight had started to shine through the dense forest.

The weather was completely unpredictable.

It had been raining heavily just a moment ago, and now it was suddenly sunny.

She alighted from the car and took a look at the vast, dense rain forest before her.

Although she didnt know what dangers and challenges awaited her, she realized that these experiences would make her stronger.

She was very clear about the road ahead, and she no longer had any fears.

Following closely behind Yan Shuo, she looked down at her boots, zipped up her jacket, and stepped into the forest.

Every soldier took a registration form that was passed out in the training ground at the southern end of the rain forest.

The training was described clearly and seemed to suddenly increase the games difficulty by several times.

Those who had come were elites from all over the world, so naturally, they had no worries about such a challenge.

Mu Feichi glanced through the form, and the first round in the competition was called “Operation Anthropoid”.

In this round, they would face various difficulties, such as unfamiliar and complex terrains, inconvenient living conditions, language barriers, and only using the guns and equipment provided by the host country.

Surrounded by many other strong participants and dangers, they would have to overcome all the obstacles and gain the upper hand.

At the same time, they would also have to rely on their excellent physical fitness, great military skills, extraordinary endurance, and a good mental state.

These will help them win the different challenges like swimming, climbing, transporting the wounded, shooting while in a moving car, maneuvering a boat, long-range raids, and more.

They have all been trained in all these activities, so it should not be too difficult.

The most challenging part would be the “Erna Raid” in the final round.

The final round would test each groups teamwork in the forest.

It was famous for its difficulty, intensity, long distances, and the testing of multiple skills.

It was also known as “thrilling, horrifying, and just like actual warfare with real guns and bullets”.

The military armies of various countries also called this competition “a death race without any actual death”.

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