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Chapter 898: True Cruelty

Their entire conversation was in English.

Based on their temperaments and the firearms they carried, they must be mercenaries.

“Instructor, the people theyve captured are from Jun Country!”

Just as they walked past them, Yun Xi heard one of the three captured prisoners say a few sentences in their national language.

She could almost confirm that those who were captured were experts from Jun Country.

“I heard.” Yan Shuos eyes lowered and his brows twisted as he looked forward, seemingly estimating the plausibility of a rescue.

“We cant just watch them die without doing anything.

But there are quite a number of them, while there are only two of us.

We are way underpowered compared to them.”

On top of that, they were still unclear about how many people were at the destination where the mercenaries were heading.

The possibility of a successful rescue at this point wouldnt be high.

“Lets go, lets just follow them now and determine where they are going.

Even if we really wanted to make a move now, we can only do it after it gets dark.”

“All right!” Yun Xi nodded and followed him, carefully tracking the footsteps on the ground as she moved forward.

Initially, Yun Xi had thought it was just a drug lord occupying the rain forest to cook drugs in secret.

But as they followed along the tracks and arrived at their stronghold, they realized that the actual situation was far more terrifying than what they had first thought.

The two found a vantage point and used binoculars to scout a small village in a low-lying area from afar.

There were a significant number of corpses of people who had been ruthlessly murdered piled haphazardly around the outer circumference of the village.

There were also quite a few mercenary soldiers on guard all around the village.

A repugnant smell permeated the damp air of the region.

When a breeze blew toward Yun Xi and Yan Shuo, the stench of decomposing corpses made Yun Xis brows lock together.

“B*stards!” Yun Xi kept the portable binoculars in her hands.

With a pale face, Yun Xi looked at Yan Shuo beside her whose expression was equally dark and sullen.

A piercing coldness surged in her eyes, laced with a murderous intent, while her tightly clenched fists gave away the burning anger that was roiling inside her.

This was no longer within their ability to intervene.

These mercenaries and drug lords were occupying the village and arbitrarily killing local villagers.

It seemed as if they were planning to transform this place into their secret hideout.

Just then, a woman in tattered clothes ran out from one of the cottages.

Behind her, several men were tugging on their belts as they chased after the women to catch her and bring her back to the cottage.

Soon, the menacing laughter of the men and the horrified screams of the woman could be heard from inside…

“Yun Xi!” The moment Yun Xi wanted to stand up, Yan Shuo dragged her back down and shook his head at her with a sullen expression.

“There are too many of them, all properly armed and equipped.

We have nothing.

Theres nothing you can do even if you ran out there now!”

“But…these scum are disgusting.” Yun Xi, who was squatting behind a bush, slammed her fist into a tree.

The screams from inside the cottage echoed in her ears.

Although they were far away, the lack of noise in this area allowed her to hear every one of the womans desperate screams clearly.

Yun Xi felt as though each shriek was piercing through her eardrums.

“This isnt Jun Countrys territory.

There are many things that you havent experienced before and dont understand.

Youve never been on the battlefield, you dont know how the dead bodies of people are strewn around like trash in the areas plagued by war and conflict.

This is only a small village, with a small population.

You havent seen the truly cruel scenes…”

Yan Shuo was very clear about what a battlefield was like.

From the first time hed been on a battlefield, hed never wanted to go there again.

He didnt fear death, but such bloody cruelty and the most abhorrent side of human nature had become the most brutal nightmare of his life.

He didnt want to experience that ever again.

But Mu Feichi, his most outstanding student as well as the one who he was most proud of, had crawled out from piles of dead corpses time and time again at the same age as he had been back then.

“We must get out first.

Only then can we find reinforcements to come back with us and help us save them.

Its impossible with just the two of us.

We did indeed go through the training, but these mercenaries are retired special forces soldiers.

And on top of that, they have hostages, so we wont be able to fight freely.

Get up, lets get out of the rain forest first.”

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