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Chapter 900: Li Zilan Attacked

Although she couldnt understand what they were saying, Li Zilan felt a sense of disgust from their nasty laughter.

Seeing that they had walked off in the direction opposite to where she was, she kept her sniper rifle handy.

Just as she was about to stand up, a black figure that she didnt even realize was hiding behind her suddenly pounced on her.

She instantly reacted, immediately raising her leg and kicking toward the figure.

That person had an impressive reaction speed as well, he nimbly dodged her attack and threw a handful of flour that he held in his hand right into her face.

This was a move that was difficult to anticipate and guard against.

The moment Li Zilan turned, she was hit right in the face by the flour that flew toward her.

Instantly, all she could see was a blur of white.

The man quickly grabbed her and starting dragging her toward a tree nearby.

LI Zilan closed her eyes as she felt a pricking pain from the flour.

Under such circumstances when she couldnt see anything, she was starting to panic a little.

She swung her hand around and struggled to get out of the mans grip.

The man took the opportunity to draw a rope from his pocket and swiftly grasped her wrists in an attempt to tie her up.

The moment the rope touched her hand, Li Zilan frowned slightly, and an uncanny smile flared from her dark green lips.

She wouldnt attack if she hadnt been provoked.

But if someone decided to attack her, she would eliminate the problem straight at its roots.

That was her principle.

She initially hadnt wanted to do anything overboard, because she didnt want to create any trouble for Mu Feichi.

But now, it seemed that someone had come right up to her face seeking death.

Perfect, shed show them that when the pretty, decorative vase was shattered, it would cut off their hands.

The man didnt notice her subtle actions.

He was bent on tying her hands to the tree, and his movements were swift and hurried.

Although she couldnt see clearly who it was, she had already realized that it was another scum who wanted to lay his hands on her, the only female in the entire competition.

With her sense of sight inhibited, her hearing became more sensitive than usual.

Especially so for someone like her who had defused more than 1,000 landmines.

It was even easier for her to discern slight sounds.

When the man reached over to unbuckle her belt, Li Zilan smiled.

Her hands, which he had tied behind a tree, had already been untied by her effortlessly.

The man who was as impatient and anxious as a monkey didnt realize that Li Zilan was acting unusually composed and quiet and continued to tear at her pants with all his strength.

Li Zilan freed her hands and ran her fingers through her hat to find the sewing kit hidden inside.

Just as her fingers touched the needles in the kit, the man who was groping and touching her all over abruptly let out several muffled groans.

The next moment, he was knocked to the ground by several punches and yelled out in pain.

Only then did Li Zilan realize that someone else had arrived.

Soon, the man no longer made any noise.

Li Zilan struggled to sit upright and attempted to recognize what was all around her, as well as the person who had come to her rescue.

“Instructor Zilan” After knocking out the man with one swift palm strike, Yun Xi couldnt help but kick him a couple more times before turning around to look at the woman who had sat up.

Despite Li Zilans face being a ghostly white from the flour, Yun Xi still recognized this familiar face.

Hearing Yun Xis voice seemingly out of nowhere, Li Zilan was startled as well.

She tried with great effort to open her eyes, yet she was unable to do it.

“Yun Xi Yun Xi, is that you”

“Yeah, its me!” Yun Xi squatted down and reached out to flip her eyelids.

“Dont move yet, your eyes have come into contact with this powder and they need to be washed out.

Do you have clean water on you”

The water Yun Xi had had all been collected from the rainforest and contaminated by bacteria and minerals, making it unsuited for washing the eyes.

“Yes,” Li Zilan replied as she passed her a water bottle from her backpack.

Yun Xi raised her head and looked at Yan Shuo who was standing aside, “Instructor Yan, please help to support her while I wash her eyes out.”

“Instructor Yan is here too” Li Zilans eyes were closed, but she could still feel his chilling aura.

Yan Shuo answered with a brief HUMPH, before taking off his jacket and throwing it over Li Zilan.

She was wearing a black tank top while her camouflage uniform had been torn and tattered.

She looked as if shed just been violated.

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